Lucky Stone For Libra

The first thing you learn about Libra is that this particular zodiac sign has a scale as its symbol. Scale also means balance and stability; that is the best quality of every Libran has. Lucky stone for Libra is essential because some particular stones can bring great advantages for the people who born were under the Libra zodiac sign, namely, between September 23 and October 23. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, which also represents the symbol of beauty, and it has the element of the air. As every zodiac sign has different birthstones with different impacts on life, Librans will mostly be affected by Opal gemstone.

As an excellent communicator, Librans are very charming, with seductive physical appearance that can attract their opposite sex. The lucky stone for Libra is associated with ability to manipulate the traits and charms according to the wearer’s favor, thus bringing positive impacts on every aspect of their life. The balanced Librans work in excellent concentration and relaxation at the same time, but with high dedication to every task in front of them. With the Venus as their ruling planet, Librans always seek for perfection and beauty in their life; love life and marriage are among their priority.

lucky stone for libra

lucky stone for libra

List Of Lucky Stones for Libra and Meaning

Although some believe that Opal is the most powerful gemstone that can affect a Libran’s life, the lucky stone for Libra doesn’t end simply that way. There are more gemstones, which can bring luck for Librans. What are they?
• Opal; it is a great stone for Libra, which represents the unity and mystical ability that allow the wearers to connect to the higher self. The golden orange of opal symbolizes fire and spirit that will break and force any blockage and crystallization in the physical, ethereal or astral part of your existence. The stone stimulates sympathy and the warm color provides vitality, power, and energy. Opal stone is very beneficial for Librans because it also opens up your solar plexus chakra, and overcome digestive problems.
• Aquamarine Stone; it helps people who were born under Libra zodiac sign to speak up their mind, improve creativity, and stand up for their own ideas. The stone is powerful in giving spiritual clarity, helping the people to deal with their emotional difficulties, and enhancing their communication ability.
• Agate Stone; it is best to be worn for Librans as amulets or other pieces of jewelry. Old cultures believed that agate had magical influences on the Librans. This particular gemstone is powerful in enhancing one’s intelligence, keeping your mind calm and thoughts focused by improving your acceptance.
• Peridot Stone, or often refers to chrysolite; it is very highly related to Libra zodiac sign. This particular gemstone is associated with Libra in old Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, and Russin calendar, and is known to give excellent protection towards the wearer. This lucky stone for Libra is believed to remove negative energy and emotions, thus enhance your happiness. The stone also improves one’s sympathy, acceptance, help to maintain your relationship and well known for its psychic vision and personal abundance.
As Librans are very intellectual and very nice people, wearing the lucky stone for Libra can enhance all the good possibilities that you can achieved in your life.