Carnelian Stone Meaning

August 4th 2014 | CARNELIAN
Carnelian stone meaning has hidden characteristics, which is capable to improve one’s physical energy and power and stimulate your

Ametrine Meaning

July 16th 2014 | Gemstone Meaning
Ametrine meaning is bring freshness, creates cheerfulness and stimulates passion that very relevance to practitioners in art, entertainment, showbiz

Blue Opal Meaning

July 7th 2014 | OPAL
Blue Opal  Gemstone Meaning Among all opal stone types, blue opal is considered the rarest type. Blue Peruvian opal

Fire Opal Meaning

July 5th 2014 | OPAL
Fire Opal Meaning and Symbolism of Power and Spirit Among all types of opal stones, fire opal has unique

White Opal Meaning

July 3rd 2014 | Gemstone Meaning
White Opal Meaning In Metaphysical Properties White Opal meaning offers filtration of one’s vitality field, detoxing and re balancing

Gemstone Meanings

June 30th 2014 | Gemstone Meaning
Gemstone Meanings in Relation to Healing Properties We all know that different gemstone has different potencies derived from mother
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