Ametrine Meaning

Ametrine is crystal that has two colors in one. It combined both Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine have the same meaning and properties owned by the two stones. Ametrine meaning is bring freshness, creates cheerfulness and stimulates passion that very relevance to practitioners in art, entertainment, showbiz and sports. Among the … Continue reading

Lucky Stone – Five Powerful Good Luck Stones

Lucky stone is the kind of gemstone that can supposedly bring good luck to the wearer. The lucky stone very close relationship with the birthstone. However, to select the stone that has lucky power, usually people will vote based on color, zodiac, month, day of their birth or the gemstone … Continue reading

Citrine Gemstone Meaning

Citrine gemstone meaning said to help people to connect with the spirit, help the assimilation of food, and help people who are not proficient in communicating openly and developmental tranquility. The meaning of citrine also relate to metaphysical properties were able to opening aura and made to seem attractive as celebrities … Continue reading

Jasper Stone Meaning

Jasper stone meaning is often associated with energy, warmth and grounding power of earth. Jasper is often used in Feng Shui. It appears in various ancient artifacts from Asia to Europe. Jasper considered one of the most important stones in its philosophy. Jasper can expel  demons and protect against snake … Continue reading