Black Agate Meaning

Black agate is one types of agate a stone which included in the mineral Quartz family. This stone has a meaning that symbolizes consistency, perseverance, fortitude and calmness. Agate stone believed to have close links with the world of metaphysics that help to protects from evil and give courage.

So, besides being attracted by her beauty, many fans who bought this stone solely to enjoy its metaphysical properties.

Black Agate Healing Properties

Because black agate has cold properties,then it is very useful to help reduce fever, help problems that occur in the abdominal area, aligning the heartbeat.

Wearing black agate stones at night to help you sleep well and sweet dreams, cure disease and help keep up balance the body.

While wearing a black agate stones during the day can keep up blood pressure and increase appetite by keep our emotions.

black agate meaning

black agate

How To Use Black Agate Stone

In order to feel the vibrations of the energy contained in this black agate stone, you are advised to always close with this stone. You can bring it into a pants pocket, wallet or purse.

To get good results, is strongly recommended for make this gemstone as a ring, bracelet or pendant necklace, so that you more often absorb the natural energy and positive aura in it.

How To Care

Like others Agate gemstone, there is nothing complicated in treating this black Agate stone. You can clean it easily using a tissue, cotton and soft fabrics. If necessary, you can use soapy water and with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush. Distilled water may be necessary to soak the stone if the color is dull.

When you want to keep, it should be wrapped with a soft cloth. Do not wear this stone when doing heavy work, because the stone is easily scratched if hit by harsher objects.

How To Distinguish The Genuine Or Fake

To find out whether black agate stones that you have genuine or fake, there are several ways you can do to test it;

The first is to attach a black agate stones on the body. If the stone feels cold and not affected by body heat and stay cool then the stone is genuine. and when it turns into warm, then the stone is a fake.

The second is by burning or lighted black agate stones with matches or a cigarette. if there is no discoloration or burn marks do not seem then the stone is genuine. otherwise if there are patches of burning or the agate stone changes color then it is a fake.

Besides, the original black agate stone when burned or heated will produce a brown colored liquid that is easily cleaned. while the fake is very difficult to clean.

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