Citrine gemstone meaning said to help people to connect with the spirit, help the assimilation of food, and help people who are not proficient in communicating openly and developmental tranquility. The meaning of citrine also relate to metaphysical properties were able to opening aura and made to seem attractive as celebrities and high-ranking officials, help lure anyone, open and cleanse the aura regularly so it stays clear.

Citrine Gemstone Meaning

Citrine gemstone meaning

Citrine is a gemstone of manifestation, prosperity and commerce. The Citrine meaning in ancient times believe as lucky stone, a merchants and business owners  believe if keep in their cash register a piece of citrine stone will bring good fortune and  can control the flow of their money well to their businesses.  They also believe that Citrine carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts.

Citrine Meaning

Citrine is quartz variations with yellow gold to brownish orange shade has many meanings.Here some  meaning of citrine stone and uses;

  • Works in Accordance to throat chakra (#5), the Heart chakra (#4) and the Solar Plexus chakra (#3).
  • Astrological Sign for these gems are Leo, Libra, Aries, and Gemini.
  • Wedding Anniversary: Citrine is the anniversary gemstone for the 17th year of marriage.
  • The Elements of Citrine are Fire and Air.
  • The Ruling Planets of Citrine are The Sun and Mercury.
  • Citrine gemstone also safe to use as an Elixir.


Citrine  meaning has healing power that can boost physical energy and assists people with digestion and blood circulation problem. The healing properties of Citrine  helps detoxify the kidneys and liver, assists with back problems and promotes restful sleep. This Gemstone very ideal if combined with Bloodstone, Which can help to promote optimal circulation of the blood.

Citrine meaning is also connecting to spiritually. It will help brings our thoughts into being on the physical plane and helping us to realize our dreams. Citrine gemstone is especially useful for desires involving happiness, wealth, success and communication.

Citrine Meaning

Citrine Meaning

Citrine gemstone is generally known as quartz topaz, yellow topaz, or topaz which might be misunderstanding. A common proper term for this gemstone is Citrine. Besides light variants, more dark kinds are normally found also.

The origin of the name Citrine comes from the French word “citron” that means lemon. Many Citrines have a lemon color. Citrine Stone classification as semi-precious stone which has a variety of colors like brown, orange and various shade of yellow. Its gem family is Quartz. The varieties of This Crystal are Amethyst and Ametrine.

This Crystal Occurs Naturally In Russia, Brazil and Burma. Citrine got the title “The Stone of manifestation” and “The Merchant‘s Stone”. Citrine stone also known as Carnelian. Carnelian called Sardius in the Bible.

Meaning Of Citrine Crystal Healing

Citrine is a crystal that always use in healing various diseases both mental and physical.The power of citrine stone has been proven to be effective.

As physical healing ;

  • Citrine meaning promotes metabolic process and eliminates dimply skin.
  • It aids cells rejuvenation and enables you to cure the heart, muscle tissue, pancreas and thyroid gland.
  • Citrine stone  help the problem of  blood circulation, hormonal  and the immune system to work well.

    citrine stone meaning

    citrine stone meaning

  • The Citrine stone treats fibromyalgia syndrome.
  • Citrine is yellow gemstone that useful for vision treatment.

As mental healing;

  • Citrine  stone meaning will help those who have a problem with a lack of self-confidence, depression symptoms or perhaps can’t get inspired to get started on your upcoming task, let the  yellow Citrine stone to take part you like a partner.
  •  Citrine meaning also offers happiness. It will be more difficult to lose faith with this dazzling gem stone character. Its fantastic powers will inspire you into action and encourage new assurance to participate in everything lifestyle provides.





yellow citrine meaning      Yellow citrine meaning has long been associated with sun energy. It use for wealth and imagination, a great stone to live bright and    prosperous life.

Citrine metaphysical Properties     Citrine metaphysical properties are believed to attract luck, success, and prosperity for people who wear or carry the stone.

citrine healing properties    Although often regarded as the stone of merchants, citrine healing properties are also great and can lead to joyful life. Find more about citrinehealing stone.