Malachite stone meaning is release negative emotions, absorbs bad energy. Malachite is green gemstones . Malachite is very easily recognizable because only green with striped characteristic, green to dark green.There is also sometimes similar with emerald-green.  The green color in the malachite stone caused by the elements copper contained in this material (60% or more).

As one of the oldest existing stone, malachite stone has been used by humans since ancient times to help realize their desires. Malachite stone is a solid rock to create wealth, prosperity and abundance.This stone absorbs negative energy that is all around us so it has properties as a protector. Moreover, the ancient Egyptian, smoothed the stone into powder to be ‘eye shadow’, a part of its beautiful colors, also for clear vision and increased insight.

malachite stone meaning

Malachite Stone meaning

Green Malachite is specific gemstone to giving in 13th wedding anniversaries. In the world of Astrology malachite stone connected to the Capricorn and Scorpio zodiac sign. Green Malachite was used to help clear and activate all Chakras body, especially the heart and throat. Excellent for fixing the emotions and let disappointments in the past.   Malachite will help to ease tensions and allow the Crown Chakra to open more fully  for the distribution of higher energy.


Malachite Stone Use For Healing

Green Malachite is one of powerful stone for healing. The healing stone properties of malachite has proven to cure various diseases. Malachite widely used by stone healing practitioners to heal their patients.

Malachite is good for  healing digestion, stomach ailments overcome, lungs, kidneys and liver. Assist in healing asthma,   swollen joints,   arthritis, and tumor and muscle pain. Improve the performance of the organ of vision, preventing transmission of certain diseases. Malachite stone can be used to overcome infertility, pregnancy encourage  and used   by women who are breastfeeding.

Simply take malachite stone as often as possible,   stored in a wallet or purse.   You can also make this stone   as jewelry,   such as rings, pendants, necklaces, or earrings.   The point is  as often as you along with malachite stone. When you close the malachite stone, then the positive vibration or energy will be radiated and beneficial for your Aura.


 Metaphysical Meaning Of Malachite Stone

Green malachite stone has a metaphysical force very remarkable.The strength of this green colored stone aura affects various aspects of life.Here, we explain some important things that we often face.

  • Love stone, Green Malachite is gemstone for love. For the love of attraction used or placed near the heart to get true love. Malachite stone meaning bring harmony and stability in a relationship, whether romantic or friendship, loyalty Enhance, Helps repair damaged relationships ever and restore confidence.
  • Protection stone, Green malachite stone meaning will protect yourself from the evil magical powers. Absorb the negative energy that is surrounding to protect from hazards that might attack us. Protect from lightning and other natural disasters.
  • Lucky stone, Malachite is one of the most powerful lucky stone. It can bring good luck in business that  make people success and wealth, improving the ability to lead. Eliminate mental barriers or mental block through counterbalancing energy,   malachite able to lead the way to achieving the desired results.
  •  Strength stone, Malachite will Improve mental strength, wisdom, Improve emotional intelligence, Increase self-understanding. Stimulates intuition and instinct, Strengthens willpower, intelligence Giving, Leading the true compassion, fair, honest, and always favored in every interaction. Improve the physical and psychic abilities.
  • Peacefulness and Balance stone,Malachite stone will help Peace of mind. Avoid and reduce stress, create a sense of peace. Dispose of painful emotions, Spur positive attitude and unsure of themselves at times of crisis. This gemstone will help creating relationship balance between physical, spiritual and nervous system. Monitor the flow of energy throughout the physical body equally. Balance the emotions and intellectual bodies with a more perfect vibration.
  • Spiritual stone, Malachite is a stone of transformation that helps us in the face various changes in circumstances and spiritual evolution. Increase understanding and intuition. Helping people sharpen their intuition towards the achievement of goals. in Spiritual Malachite stone meaning will assist in the interpretation and transfer of information towards spiritual evolution.