Tiger Eye Stone Meaning

There are two good reasons behind tiger eye stone meaning. It has rich colors from composite minerals that make it as brilliant as tiger’s-eye. In addition, it has great qualities related to the nature of a tiger. This gemstone for Gemini zodiac sign and owner of November birthstone. While this gem may be grouped as stone with rather soft and silky luster, tiger-eye stone has great qualities that will protect you and your house with its strong natural energy. Are you interested in getting one or giving this stone as a gift? Find out what kind of great qualities you can get or give if you choose this beautiful gem.

tiger eye stone meaning



What is Tiger Eye Stone Meaning?

In nature, tiger eye stone meaning refers to a type of silica stone that has fibrous quality, and that is why the stone was considered as chatoyant (has cat eye’s like brilliance thanks to fibrous quality). This makes tiger-eye stone unique looking and captivates gem lovers. When unpolished, the stone has a brownish color. However, after being polished, the stone shows its brilliance in colors that range from golden yellow to red and reddish brown. Tiger-eye stone that has the darkest shade has really deep color with stunning brilliance. This stone comes from South Africa and East Asia, but there are also large markets for tiger-eye stone in Australia and the US.

If you see tiger’s-eye stone that has such brilliant color, it means that the gem has been gone through special treatments, and these treatments are varied depending on the color. For example, the deep red stone is usually treated using gentle heating. Meanwhile, the stone that has yellow and golden color is treat using nitric acid to bring out the luster.

There is also tiger-eye stone variant called tiger iron. Tiger’s eye stone meaning for this variant refers to stone that is compose of tiger eye stone, black hematite and red jasper, which creates unique patterns that really look like tiger’ skin after being polished. The tiger-eye stone can be turned into bracelets, necklaces, charms, or put in the bowl for Feng Shui purposes.

 The Metaphysical Meaning of Tiger Eye Stone

While tiger-eye stone looks great as jewelry, it is also great for protection. Its tiger-like appearance symbolizes the earthy power of protection, which makes the stone great for house or self-protection. The stone is often made into protective charm and decorations placed around the house or worn as protective charms.

Tiger eye stone meaning is relate to earthy power. It means that it is great as a balancing power. In addition, its red, golden and brown colors really represent earth element, which symbolizes grounding and stabilizing power. In addition to protective function, the stone will also help you feel more stable and balanced in daily life and in managing emotion.

Tiger-eye stone is believe as a good stone to put inside the living room or study room, basically any room that requires clear and balanced energy for inspiration. The earthy element is also great to make your mind more balanced and calmer in stressful situations, helping you to think clearly and rationally. Turn tiger eye stone into charms, gem tree, jewelry or house decoration and experience its grounding, protective qualities. So, is Tiger eye stone meaning more important than its role and style?

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