Blue Lapis Lazuli Meaning-The Popular Ancient Revered stones

Blue lapis lazuli meaning is always connected with wisdom, great treasure, inspiration and ideas. Therefore, the stone is always regarded with reverence and awe, and connected to deeper things such as spirituality, wisdom and inspiration. Lapis lazuli, especially the one with deep blue color, is one of the most revered stones since the ancient era. … Read more

Blue Topaz Meaning -The Most Popular Healing Crystal

Blue Topaz meaning is healing, love, and relationship. It’s a spiritual stone that brings many metaphysical properties. Most blue stones symbolize the” God Power”. The spiritual meaning of the blue topaz stone will bring much good for the mentally and physically. This blue crystal with metaphysical properties will destroy all badness. There are many kinds … Read more

Blue Opal Meaning-Behind The Most Rarest Stone

Blue opal meaning is highly associated with the throat chakra, as it is believed by certain cultures as the stone of courage and ingenuity. Among all opal stone types, blue opal is considered the rarest type. The Peruvian blue opal is also known as peacock opal, relatively rare gemstone found only in Andes Mountain in … Read more