Birthstone For July – Ruby Official Stone And Meaning

Ruby is birthstone for July. Ruby was awarded as the most powerful and beautiful precious stone in the planet. It a symbol of love. People born on July if wearing ruby will easily attract the opposite sex. As a best July birthstone, ruby also will protect the wearer against negative energy and help to reduce and … Read more

Knowing The Beautiful Emerald Birthstone for May

The birthstone for May is Emerald. Emerald is a gemstone with a long history. It is notable for its green color that available in varied shades from the deep green to the light green. Many believe that the color is affected by chromium or vanadium those replacing aluminum in the structure of the mineral. The … Read more

Birthstone For April – Diamond Official Birthstones

It is interesting to know that many people actually unaware that diamond is birthstone for April. The common mistake is actually a proof that you can wear any gemstone without taking the birthstone affiliation as the main consideration. There is no curse or any bad luck for wearing diamond. The only problem that you will … Read more