Carnelian Healing Properties – The Most Multi Purpose Stone

We all understand natural gemstones, including carnelian healing properties. Carnelian stones are very valuable and highly respectable, particularly in a certain community. As for today, carnelian gemstone is believed to have magical characteristics for the wearer. Such as improving one’s confidence and creativity, so that people can speak up for their thought clearly and independently. … Read more

Carnelian Metaphysical Meaning – The Popular Feng Shui Stone

The warmness element in carnelian metaphysical meaning is capable to boost your energy, and stabilize your mood in general. Not only will you be able to express yourself freely and clearly, the energy flow will also give you calmness and happiness effects, provide security in home and promote security while you are with your family. … Read more

Lapis Lazuli Properties-The Most Reputation As Ancient Gemstone

Lapis Lazuli properties can help you see things clearly and remove all the negative thought. Because this is one of the most powerful stones in existence, you should be extra careful when wearing it. The ancient cultures believed that lapis lazuli was a symbol of truth, faith, and wisdom. Not only using lapis lazuli as … Read more