The Popular Of Moonstone Healing Properties For Woman

Moonstone healing properties are very popular, because the stone can give large benefits for the wearer. Moonstone, as the name implies, carries the energy of the moon. This particular stone is strongly connected with the power of the moon, which is also helpful to give a soothing reaction. Highly beneficial for those who were born … Read more

Blue Lace Agate Spiritual Meaning

Blue lace agate spiritual meaning is associated with encouragement and elevation. It lifts your spirit and energy up, perfect for balancing mood and attitude. This stone also has magical effects on those who have difficulties to speak up their opinion and thought. For those who need confidence and encouragement to express their selves. Sharing the … Read more

White Sapphire Meaning-The Popular Stone for Marriage

Compared to other gemstones, white sapphire is not very common, and it has the best quality that makes the stone even rarer.  It has an authentic color with similar hardness to blue sapphire, thus provoking purity and clarity and showing its aesthetic outlook. White Sapphire Stone Meaning White sapphire meaning is associated with great luck … Read more