Sapphire Meaning – The Greatest Power Of Universal Colors

The word” sapphire,” according to some stories, appears to come linked to the Syriac saphilali, the name in this speech of the sapphire. The sapphire, in Greek sappheiros, was the name used by the Greeks and Romans for what we name lapis lazuli. But it is probably a word foreign to the Greek tongue. Sapphire … Read more

White Opal Meaning: The Most Benefits And Symbolism

White opal meaning is often associated with inspiration, passion, love, and eroticism, by which people can free their imagination and creativity, release negative energy and improve human memory. Opal stones are divided into two major types, namely the precious opal and the common opal. Where one of its kind is the white opal. Common opal … Read more

Best Gemstone for Pisces – Should You Choose As Birthstone ?

Gemstone For Pisces

Gemstone for Pisces is Amethyst. Pisces ruled by Venus, people who was born on February 19 to march 20 with the symbol fish with water element will get much benefits from its power. As a birthstone for Pisces, amethyst symbolizes strength and protection. It is best choice for them. But, amethyst is not only one … Read more