Agate Crystal Meaning Has The Answer To Everything

Agate crystal meaning can help to resolve some matters on the physical and emotional personality. Agate believed to help insomnia disease (severe difficulty in sleeping), giving a beautiful dream and give to the balance of the body.
Agate crystal included in the group of mineral Quartz. Agate stone has a chemical formula SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and classified into varieties of Crypto-crystalline Quartz and more specifically as a variety of chalcedony quartz.
It was first discovered around the 3rd century BC by Theophrastus (Greek philosopher) who named the stone with the name of the river where he found it, “Achates” (know Dirillo River) In Italy.

Agate stone on the market today comes from deposits around the world such as India, Mexico, Botswana, Myanmar, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia and the United States.

agate meaning
agate crystal meaning

Healing Properties of agate crystal meaning

Agate has been use as ornaments and amulets even since Neolithic era. . Some legends say that agate users will be protected from harm and endow the wearer with courage. .

Agate crystal meaning associated with balancing power, and the energy emanates is like the balancing between the yin and yang aspects, making sure that the bearer is always grounded, firm but not stressed out. This is basically a great stone for those who feel lethargic or anxious, so the person will be more grounded and find more harmonious mental condition.

The healing properties of agate crystal are great to fix blood circulation problem that causes stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Agate often use as amulets or charms and given to women who are nursing, so they can free from baby blues syndrome.

Variation of Agate Crystal and Meaning

Agate stone come in many variation and color, below some of them;

Moss agate : It meaning can improve the relationship with the natural surroundings. Green moss helps to cut toxins in the blood and balance the emotional energy. Red moss helps purify the blood and increase physical stamina.

Tree agate: It can help in introspection with more clearly, seeing the world through a wider viewing angle and cut fever and toxicity.

Agate Geode: can overcoming despair and depression, causing excitement and relaxation of muscle tension and spasms.

Blue lace agate: helps balance body fluids and gives peace of emotion.

Fortification agate: will help in pulling strength and overcome who not have enough strength or courage.

Plume agate: It is strengthened blood vessels and overcoming fear for no clear reason. It’s useful to cut fear in the hunt or find directions.

Spots agate: give extra protection against the sailors, nomads, one of the adventurer’s stones.

Eye agate : It stone meaning is protects from damage to the body and cut negative thoughts.

Dendritic agate: balance blood sugar levels. It’s one of the adventurer’s stones to give security and strength.

India agate:  give bodily strength, overcome insecurity feelings, not peace and cut physical and emotional weakness.

Botswana agate: The meaning is overcoming the uncertainty of direction and personal goals.



Blue lace agate stone meaning is often associated with calmness and peace as it has a very soothing effect to stabilize emotion and neutralize anger.

Moss Agate stone Meaning is associate with its past usage as a stone for gardeners and farmers since it was believed to have magically positive effects on Agriculture

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