Never Underestimate The Influence Of Alexandrite Meaning

Alexandrite meaning
Alexandrite meaning

Before talk about alexandrite meaning,we must know what is Alexandrite stone first.

This is probably one of the most popular gemstone in the world today; it is not actually categorized as one of the top four precious stone; emerald, ruby, diamond and sapphires, but its beauty is at the same level as those four precious jewels.

Alexandrite is a rare jewel and actually is a color variant to the chrysoberyl mineral, the chemical compositions consisted of aluminum, beryllium, titanium, iron and chromium.

This particular gemstone is very rare, thus it is very expensive, but most jewel collectors don’t care, as alexandrite has other uses than just being an ornament or accessory.

Alexandrite stone  is very beautiful and exclusive that can change color according to the light, both day and night. It is a relatively new gemstone found when compared to other gemstones .

This gemstone discovered about 150 years ago in the Russian territory. Despite the short history, the gemstone is becoming popular among the Russian population, because it properties claimed to have magical powers.

Alexandrite stone meaning

Alexandrite meaning is believed to attract good luck and good fortune. This stone is often used for various rituals and prayers. Able to increase intuition, inspires, creativity and imagination of its users.

The healing properties able to treat a variety of physical illnesses such as treating the pancreas and spleen. It also help to regenerate nerve tissue and in treating leukemia.

Alexandrite stone color meaning symbolizes wind. It said which the wind brings good luck along with the change of color in gemstones. This gemstone can use as talisman, healing stone or just as jewelry.

It’s  also a symbol to confidence and self-esteem, it gives the person that positive confidence boost and optimistic feeling, and many people also use this stone as a protective charm.

Alexandrite stone meaning said able to cure various diseases caused by witchcraft.

Alexandrite Spiritual Meaning

Alexandrite meaning always connects with the heart chakra. Wearing it as necklaces will help in improving health, both physically and mentally.

Alexandrite also has meaning in some other chakra like in the “third eye” and “crown”. If placed on the chakras, it will allow more gentle connection with the spiritual guide of the user. It’s also creating a stronger connection between the spiritual and physical energy to universe.

Alexandrite spiritual meaning is good stone for meditation if someone has difficult to concentration. It will guide you as a teacher. Just put the stone besides you or hold on your hand.

If you are sensitive, you will feel the energy that surrounds your body. The Energy will make you calm and you easy to concentrate. It’s why Alexandrite stone very familiar to spiritual healing practitioner.

In addition, alexandrite used to help balance the emotional, to give confidence and improve self-esteem. This gem is also beneficial to increase the feeling of love for the couple, bringing happiness and success.

Alexandrite Birthstone Meaning

Alexandrite birthstone meaning is glory, it is said that this jewel plays a key role to the glory of the Imperial Russia. As a symbol to a great empire, this gemstone is actually believed to represent the month of June.

Alexandrite meaning very special for those who are born in this month. According to the myth, Its founded at the month of June in the year of 1831, this is the date when the Imperial Russia came to be and coincidentally.

It was first founded in Russia; by a French mineral Scientologist named Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld. Because it was founded at the same time as the Imperial Russia, this regarded as the bringer or glory, its name even derived from the famous Tsar of the Imperial Russia, Tsar Alexander II.

June birthstone meaning is able to offer a good balance of physical and mental, allowing the wearer to escape from a variety of ailments. This stone was able to bring luck in various aspects such as love, wealth and social life.

For those who use this Alexandrite gems, their lives will be more prominent and Excel at any time. But, only for those born in the month of June alone.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring Meaning

It is quite rare to see a person asking about alexandrite engagement ring meaning or prices. It is not a jewel that used regularly as a base for an engagement ring.

This jewel itself is very rare; although it is actually first found recently, there is no a big supply for this stone now. Even though, not many people are keen for Alexandrite as a material for their engagement ring. It is actually recommended to check what this stone can do and not to mention as beautiful as the other precious jewels and it is unique on its own.

People believes that wearing real alexandrite engagement ring can give you a lot of positive effects.It is also associated with glory, luck and fortune. The power will help married couple to face challenges in their lives and their married will go long-lasting.

If you are looking for an engagement ring made from Alexandrite gems then you need to prepare your wallet, because the price of good jewel can cost a lot of money.

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