Amber Stone Meaning

Amber  is not actually a stone, but more like a nature’s miracle; it is formed from tree resin that is fossilized, which creates rock hard consistency. Mohs scale hardness is 2 and has a crystal structure of amorphous and the weighs heavier than water. Amber is composed of 79% carbon, 10% hydrogen and sulfur. Amber containing oil aetherisch commonly called barnsteen.

Amber often have inclusions such as insects and plants.The oldest Amber stone ever found about 345 million years old. In the amber are often found insect that has trapped in it around 146 million years old. The animals were found trapped in amber in the form of flies, ants, wasps, scorpions, spiders, frogs, lizards and much more even plants like flowers, mushrooms, seeds can also be found in it. Because the animal species found in it is no longer alive today this inclusion make amber very valuable.

However, amber is much appreciated for its natural beauty that looks like a golden crystal. In fact, amber stone  has been believed by many people even from ancient era, and it is believed to hold nature related power, which brings a lot of positive qualities.

Amber appears in many stories, myths and ancient scrolls in various cultures; from West to East and Middle East. The beauty of amber has inspired many people to write about it; one ancient Greek scroll mentioned amber as a stone that was produced by the Sun-ray, while in Baltic area, there was a legend about a princess living in amber palace that fell in love with a fisherman, but was punished by his father, who destroyed her palace. Egyptians believe amber as a symbol of immortality, and they placed amber stone in the casket of the people they loved, with hope that their bodies would be remained whole forever.

Amber meaning is believe can transmitter appeal . Amber in ancient times believed if burned can clean up the air around especially at the time of delivery, this stone is also believed to nourish the eyes when viewed continuously.

Amber Stone meaning


Amber Stone Healing Meaning

Amber stone meaning for health has been associated with its brilliant yellow color and golden hues; many healers and physicians in the past would use amber stone to help curing ailments related to old ages. They used amber to cure arthritis, brittle bone, joint pain and even heart problems. The fact that amber is fossilized resin with rare quality makes this stone a symbol of eternal health and youth.

Until now, many people love carrying amber charms, amulets or jewelry with the hope of being granted youth feeling and youth health. In addition, its brilliant clarity is often thought to be related to eye’s health and the absence of headache. In the old times, mothers would get amber stone to help easing the pain of their babies when they were teething.


Amber  Stone Spiritual Meaning

 The golden brilliance of amber has inspired many traditions to embrace positive qualities that came from the stone. Golden amber stone meaning is often associated with something that reflects spirit, courage and bravery. In China, amber is a stone related to tigers, and is often referred as the ‘tiger’s soul.” Having the stone is believe to invoke the courageous and brave qualities of a tiger. Therefore, it is often turned into amulet to help people facing difficulties.

As a stone that looks like it was produced by sun-ray, amber is often thought as a stone that brings joy and happiness in western traditions. Amber has instant effect of making people feel more spirited and happy, like when the sun of spring and summer lighting up the earth after winter. This is often turned into a charm that  marketed as the happiness or joy charms, and is especially good if you want to feel young.

Amber  is also a stone that lifts up spirit, and amber stone meaning was associated with sun that helps people feel spirited in the middle of bleak or gloomy situations. It also encourages optimism and, in the end, ability to solve problems and face difficulties.

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