Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst healing Properties
Amethyst healing Properties

Amethyst healing properties can  cure for minor ailments such as stomachache and digestion problem, used by rubbing the stone to the affected area.

Amethyst is one type of gemstone that has the ability for healing various diseases both physically and mentally. 

In Ancient China era, many healers would use amethyst as healing stone to combat conditions such as respiratory and lung problems, from the light to the severe and chronic ones.

Amethyst is also believed as a stone that can encourage detoxification process, helping the body to get rid of various negative elements including toxins from the body.

Amethyst good for healing skin. The ancient healers rubbed the stone on skin that was afflicted by pimples and severe acne, or other skin conditions (the healer’s saliva was often applied).

It is also believed as powerful stone that can reveal the beauty of skin, make men and women more beautiful and attractive. It is also believed as a cure for roughened skin.

It is believed to be able to get rid of bad dreams and anxiety, combat depression and increase mood.

People usually put amethyst under the pillow, so the stone healing properties can help in getting rid of insomnia, other sleeping problems, and bad dreams.

Even now, amethyst meaning as healing stone is still believed to be able to cure various ailments, and this is believed in both Western and Eastern traditions.

The deep purple hue of amethyst is regarded a symbol of mysticism and deep wisdom, and it was used to be carried by priests and healers in many traditions.

For mental illness, This purple stone will help  people to see beyond the problems, using inner wisdom, and finally bringing inner peace so people can make peace with their negative emotions like anger, depression, anxiety and moodiness.

Most people will not consider using amethyst as healing elements for ailments, but amethyst healing  properties have been believed by people from ancient times to now.

Amethyst frequently turned into amulets or charms. The stone helps in increasing overall health.

And changes people for the better by increasing their inner peace and wisdom to ward off negative emotions (which also often lead to physical problems).

Moreover, Amethyst properties is also associated with beauty and attractiveness, so it is often used as love charms.


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