What Is The Amethyst Meaning ?

Amethyst meaning
Amethyst meaning

Amethyst meaning contributes a concept of death and reincarnation and eases tensions. Amethyst stone is used to increase the strength of one’s inner and intuitive awareness.

Legend has it, using amethyst or drinking from the cup made from it will prevent poisoning. It also help to relieve headaches.

Amethyst is stone that connected with enhanced nobility, spiritual consciousness, meditation, equalizer, clairvoyant powers, serenity, healing and positive recovery.

Amethyst stone meaning courage all matter in our life. It  is a tutor of all matters spiritual, mystical and physical.

This gem is very curing of human body, mind and soul. This is one of the most power of  Amethyst healing properties.

Moses marked it as a symbolic representation of the spirit of his god; it has in decorations of the Roman Catholic Church, and has long been the stone of bishops and cardinals. In Tibet the Amethyst dedicated to Buddha.

The meaning of Amethyst  stone symbolize the wind element. The wind element energizes the mentality, the intuitive and psychic powers.

Amethyst stone is functionality to activate the higher mind, enables one to gain clearer comprehension and understanding of the dynamics and cause of life experiences.

Amethyst stone is Quartz class with color range between violets to dark purple. The deep purple-colored examples are generally named Asian, by jewelries maker, to be several ties from the true Oriental amethyst or violet sapphire.

Under heat, the amethyst turns first yellow, then green, and in the end turns colorless.

This relatively reasonably priced gemstone has historically received a major place in the coffers of royalty, churches, religious groups, and mythology.

This natural stone detected in some state like, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Africa and Europe.

Amethyst Color

green amethyst Meaning
green amethyst

There are many color of Amethyst stone. But the very interesting is Green and Purple. Green Amethyst meaning very related to healing benefits, meanwhile purple Amethyst related to metaphysical benefits.

The color of Amethyst especially purple shades can play a role in improving our love and patience. The purple color of Amethyst has become the place of the soul and fictional.

If combine with green color that come  from green amethyst, its strongly affects the center part of our physique and matches the heart energy center. It’s very benefit to improve our health both physic and mental.

The best expression of amethyst lays its particular rendition of the ray that takes it into the transmutation area.

Amethyst has a character defined as anticipation. It is predicting the next level of evolution, working to the earths and all of humanity.

Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst spiritual meaning will work as shield if combining with Moldavite. This stone facilitates meditation and promote communion and communication with one’s guide and angels.

It’s open and clears the third-eye and crown Chakras, which successively speeds up the growing of intuitive and psychic capabilities.

Amethyst’s energy set up a cocoon of light throughout one’s aura, developing a potent resonant field that aids one stay clear and focused while remaining open to spiritual guidance and intuitive information.

The spiritual meaning of Amethyst also facilitates one be conscious of the beginning cause of one’s disease or imbalance.

Its power to bring clarity help one in identifying the negative beliefs, behavior and habits that presented an energetic instability into the physical realm.

It helps one take responsibility for one’s reality by reminding one people co-creative relationship with the universe.

Amethyst Birthstone Meaning

Amethyst meaning also related to birthstone, especially for people who born on the month of February.

Its one of the most important stone for February that will bring good luck, happiness and protection to the wearer.

Using Amethyst as February birthstone will help people gain their ambition and block all worries.

If wear purple Amethyst as earring, it will attract love especially for women. For man wearing Green Amethyst as ring will cure many physical ill.

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