Apache Tear Meaning -What Is This Gemstone Can Do ?

Apache Tear meaning is help to maintain a balance between the conscious mind and the subconscious. It’s another kind of obsidian crystal which only find it in Mexico and south-western USA.

Just like from the name, it has deep meaning for Indian tribe because they were the ones who first found and took advantage of the crystal. According to the legend, it helped the tribe when fighting against the Cavalry.

Although Indian tribe was outnumbered but the crystal gave them courage to fight against Cavalry bravely.

apache tear meaning
Apache Tear Obsidian

Apache Tear Obsidian Powers

  • Friendly Vibration Obsidian

Speaking about the stone categorization, it is included as black obsidian. It’s true that Apache Tear has its unique and beneficial metaphysical power which can be used for good reasons.

Like most other obsidian, it also helps to release the negative emotions and energy while balancing the emotional state. So, it’s like helping us to have a balanced life.

If we talk about the power, this one is actually friendlier compared to other obsidian like green obsidian or instance.

However, it doesn’t mean it has less benefit because apparently it also helps a lot to free a person from sadness and grief and helps him/her to accept forgiveness.

Some people also consider this stone as good luck stones since it is believed to bring good luck, of course to the one having it.

  • Volcanic Stone for Grounding

Most obsidian stones are volcanic stones and so is this one. That’s the reason why this stone has a very beautiful yet unique color.

It comes with the very black to very dark brown making it to seem like some mysterious stone.

Although the natural shape sometimes looks strange but it still makes us feel comfortable wearing it. And when it comes to metaphysical power, this crystal is strong enough to be used for protection and grounding.

This way, Apache tear stone meaning works by helping to clear any negative energy and emotions that often hold people back from keep moving on.

Like we all know, negative emotions never give us good things. Instead, they only prevent us from living a good life.

As powerful stone for psychic protection, Apache tear meaning helps a lot to raise our ability to recognize any menacing situations that may put us at risk.

Certainly, this is a very good thing to have especially if you’re a healer because it helps to be safe at all times when doing your work.

  • Apache Tear, Root Chakra and Navel Chakra

The reason why this stone is able to offer such great metaphysical benefits is because it works within two different chakras, the root chakra and navel chakra.

Root chakra is responsible to move our excess energy down into earth chakra which is then grounded with Mother Gaia.

Meanwhile, this stone’s energy within the navel chakra is beneficial to remove the disharmonious energies in a relationship whether between couples or parents and children.

Apache Tear Physical Healing

Every obsidian always has the ability to help physical healing and so this stone. These are several physical benefits from it:

  • Reduce the toxins inside the body
  • Enhance strength and vitality within the body
  • Calm the muscle spasm
  • Help to assimilate vitamin D and vitamin C
  • Reduce pain and nerve inflammation
  • Help for spine and spinal cord strengthening
  • Help to heal kidneys and joint pain problems
  • Help to heal migraine and headache

Now that we have seen the greatness of this crystal and its true Apache Tear healing meaning , we should no longer feel hesitate to own of them and start enjoying the benefits.

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