What Is Important Thing Aquamarine Meaning Can Do

Aquamarine meaning
Aquamarine stone

Aquamarine meaning is  very close to its blue color. It holds so much meaning for many people. Aquamarine is a type of beryl stones are light blue to blue-green similar to the color of sea water. This stone is believed to be capable of providing protection and strength to the users. Like a boat which survived in the wild sea waves.

The stone has been used in various jewelry, crafts and charms since ancient times and it is very popular in the world of Feng Shui and New Age beliefs.

The meaning of Aquamarine stone is not only related to protection in the sea, but it also has positive qualities related to its strong water element.

Aquamarine properties is often associated with communication, relationship and courage aspects, and they are often related to the nature of water and sea.

Aquamarine has been traditionally used for wedding ring or birthday gifts. Aquamarine engagement ring meaning is protected from temptation and a happy future .

This stone is great for accessories or  amulet. Put aquamarine gemstone in the bedroom is believed to increase communication between couples.

Metaphysical meanings of Aquamarine has water element.  The water always flows following its surrounding, so it is often associated with good communication and positive response that follows and becomes a key in good relationship. That is why the stone is often given as the 19th marriage anniversary gift.

In crystal healing art, Aquamarine is often associated with the healing of stress effects and throat problems.

Aquamarine Meaning as Birthstone

From various birthstones related to people who was born in March, aquamarine is one of them. Aquamarine has various tones from light blue to dark, and it has several levels of brilliance, which differentiates in the meaning.

Aquamarine is birthstone for march. Its blue color meaning connect to characteristic of people who born on the month of march, especially spiritual and metaphysical properties.

The metaphysical properties will guide and protect people who born on march from  negative energy that comes from outside.

Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning Use As Jewelry

Aquamarine has been turned into jewelry items, charms and accessories. Many sailors in the past had aquamarine charms with them when they were sailing, because aquamarine meaning has a close relation to protective qualities in the sea, thanks to the color.

Aquamarine is also found in rings, necklaces, ankle bracelets, dress accessories, pendants, seals, royal artifacts and many more.

In fact, in ancient Rome, Aquamarine meaning was often associated with Neptune, the god of sea.

Aquamarine  stone can be found in many places in various countries; from United States to Brazil, from Colombia to Madagascar, from Tanzania to Kenya.

The biggest aquamarine stone was found in 1910 in Brazil, weighing about 110 kilograms. The stone is now a rare collection in Smithsonian.

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