Aquamarine Stone Meaning

Aquamarine stone meaning is the guardian of a quiet sea. Aquamarine also often referred as wedding tranquilizers precious stones. 

Which until now increasingly popular worn by all walks. The celebrity Couples like Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas recorded as a collector of this precious stone, no wonder if harmonious marriage and household calm away from gossip.

The meaning of aquamarine also believed to have effects such as increase of affection in a family and give happiness to the work associated with the sea.

In the world of astrology aquamarine meaning is birthstone for people born in March and associated with the Pisces zodiac sign.

Aquamarine meaning is being able to aid us practically feel and discover our relationship to the people.

Aquamarine obtained inside of its ability to strengthen interaction between the personal and others. Much just like the way it detoxified your physique permitting every aspect of it to communicate better.

aquamarine stone meaning
aquamarine stone meaning

It can also help to purify and take away obstacles in communicating among you and others.

Metaphysical Meaning

In terms of metaphysical properties, Aquamarine meaning can encourage spiritual growth.

Boost the capability of reading the future (fortune-telling), increase honesty, dynamism, unyielding nature and success factors, coupled with cheerfulness and regularity.

In addition it is believed to purify the mind and offer solutions to problems that have not been completed.

For those who undergo and have dreams of love, Aquamarine metaphysical meaning has an aura of love that brings optimism.

As a helper in relieving depression and sadness, revive the love of an old married couple and help gain new friends for being lonely.

Healing Meaning

Aquamarine help people with problems in health, can drive growth and hormone balance by harmonizing the functions of the thyroid gland.

Improve the ability of eyes vision, ease the chaos on the immune system, and effectively cope with allergies, especially allergies on dry grass and dust.

Spiritual Meaning

Aquamarine spiritual meaning is cleaning the mind to achieve eternal truth. Able to bring a person to God by removing all doubt that it becomes focus to their believes.

As a symbol of water, Aquamarine is excellent when used during meditation or worship.

The combination of water energy and power of sky blue color of the Aquamarine stone will bring peace and protect from negative influences.

Properties And Source

Words meaning: Blue Water
Chemistry: Be3AI2SiO18 + iron
Hardness: 7.5-8
Chakra: Aligns all, clears throat chakra
Birthstone: March
Properties and Benefits: Courage, purification, peace, intuition, self-expression, balance, preparedness.
Color variations: pale blue to dark blue
Source: Madagascar, Myanmar, Russia, Sri Lanka

Aquamarine which means “sea water” is a kind of stone that belongs to the beryl (beryl in Greek which means greenish blue) as emerald gemstones.

Because aquamarine and emerald stone is very relevant then they are often said a brother.

The stone colors were not even far away from its name like blue-green, translucent green and blue. But the most desirable aquamarine gem is slightly thick blue.

Aquamarine gemstone has a characteristic pale blue or greenish-blue sky like the sea. This is a favorite of world gemstone jewelry designer because it can emit full spectrum light and shiny than other precious stones.

Besides that, its flexibility to do any form of cutting techniques that provokes creativity.

In the last five years, Aquamarine has begun to compete with white diamonds because often imposed in the design of engagement rings and wedding rings for the modern bride.

aquamarine stone meaning
Aquamarine Stone

Because the effects of color and lighting, Aquamarine always match the skin tone and eye color that worn by any person in various nations and countries.

The Aquamarine gemstone meaning known as favorite of the mermaid that in ancient myths believed as a noble protector for most sailors.

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