Why Moonstone Meaning Will Change Your Life

Moonstone meaning is Soothes stress, anxiety, help women’s hormones, balance yin and yang. Blue moonstone considered as sacred stone by the Indians and believed to bring good fortune.  The ancient roman believed that the blue moonstone is trickle of moonlight. In Asia, moonstone considered the jewel of luck. The Arab culture, moonstone is a symbol … Read more

What Is Tourmaline Meaning That you should know?

Tourmaline meaning is improving blood circulation and absorb the negative energy. Tourmaline gemstone very popular in medical treatment tools.  In general, Tourmaline gemstone meaning is often associated with physical and spiritual energy. It believed to help keep up fitness, improve health, bring good luck, calm the heart and mind were troubled, and bring creativity to the owner. … Read more

Lucky Stone – Five Powerful Good Luck Stones

Lucky stone is the kind of gemstones that can supposedly bring good luck to the wearer. The lucky gem very close relationship with the birthstone. However, to select a gem that has lucky power, usually people will vote based on color, zodiac, month, day of their birth or the gemstone meaning itself. Here we will … Read more

Tiger Eye Stone Meaning That You Never Know

Tiger eye stone meaning is helpful increasing the concentration and thinking ability. There are two good reasons behind tiger’s eye meaning. It has rich colors from composite minerals that make it as brilliant as Tiger’s-eye. In addition, it has great qualities related to the nature of a tiger. Tiger eye stone is known uniqueness because … Read more

The Secret Behind Metaphysical Properties of stones

There are various physical and spiritual gemstone therapies used by people since thousands of years ago to improve self, to get rid of negative qualities, and to become better people. Using the metaphysical properties of stones is just one way to achieve a great level of wisdom, inner strength, knowledge, intuition, spirit, bravery, and other … Read more