Birthstone For March – Best Selection March Gemstones

birthstone for march

What Is March Birthstone ? Modern Birthstone for March is Aquamarine and the ancient March birthstone is Bloodstone. But, especially for those born between the 1st to 20th of March, Amethyst is a stone that is right for them.  Aquamarine and Bloodstone can wear by people born between 21st to 31st. You will find both … Read more

Birthstone For January

birthstone for january

 Garnet Is Best January Birthstone Birthstone for January is garnet. Red garnet stone was selected to be  best  January  birthstone.The ancient tradition symbolizes the month of birth with the gemstone. Each month has their specific gems suitable with the characteristics.  The use of gemstone as their symbol of the character person fit with the month, … Read more

Topaz Stone Meaning

Topaz stone MEANING

Topaz is a transparent gemstone which very often has inclusions of gas bubbles, liquid and small crystals. The Majestic beauty of topaz is  hidden in a variety of colors offered. Pure topaz is colorless and transparent but is usually tinted by impurities.Typical topaz is purple, yellow, pale gray or reddish-orange, brown and blue. Topaz color … Read more

Blue Kyanite Gemstone Meaning and Uses

kyanite meaning

Kyanite gemstone is aluminum silicate (Al2SiO5) which has Anisotropic properties. It has a hardness varying between 4-7 mohs scale depending on the direction of his cuts. Word “ Kyanite ” meaning is  blue that derived from Greek ” kyanos”, according to the most common color of this mineral on the market. But real stone is not only available … Read more

Lucky Gemstone For Taurus List And Their Meanings

Gemstone For Taurus

Gemstone for Taurus based on the astrology is sapphire. Sapphire able to give protection and mental healing for Taurus. Taurus  ruled by planet Venus  and it is the zodiac sign for people who were born on 21 April to 20 May with a bull symbol. Besides sapphire as  lucky stone for Taurus zodiac sign , … Read more