Dazzling Effect of Birthstone Color for August

birthstone color for August
birthstone color for August

Birthstone color for August is pale green and the gemstone is Peridot. Peridot choose as birthstone for August. The pale green color derived from the Peridot  stone be preferred for those born in the month of August.

This color is very suitable to the character and the properties of people who born in this month.

History of Gemstone

Some of people were believed about supernatural power, myth, or invisible belief. But, do you believe about a power of stone and its color? In a deep within earth, we can found a gemstone.

It is the one variety of stone. Gemstone color believed has a power to support a human life. In the past, gemstone is a supernatural property of stone which described in gem lore.

In some cases, gem was created by an ice which crystallized become permanently frozen and called by rock crystal. In the past century, people have used gemstone as jewelry.

When bronze age, they mined in to become jewelry, sculpture, and other ornament.  Until the late 18th century, jewelry has modified as a button, watch, etc.

Actually, gem is human’s created. A basic material is stone, stone is a mineral source. When stone has been through the human process such as cut and polish, it will call as a gem.

As time goes by, gemstone type has a wide variety, birthstone is one of them. Birthstone is popular to give a power of human life based on the month of birth.

Poland is the first country which wears a birthstone in 18th century. Poland wears it to keep them from any illness.

Birthstone has a twelve stone which assign in every month. Each month of birth has an ancient, modern and symbolic meaning of stone.

Type of birthstone for August

Birthstone for August is Peridot. Peridot is known by an oldest gem. This gem formed by volcanic activity. Peridot crystal was found in Hawaii by native in black sands.

The name of Peridot is take from an Arabic word is faridat. The meaning of faridat is gem.

Birthstone color for August is pale green. The dazzling color of Peridot make it has another name “gem of the sun”.

Peridot can glow well in the darkness. This gem has a vitality and strength power. A vitality power it can aim to a relationship life.

Pale green has a meaning of value and rarity. Its green is cause by exposure of natural radiation.

So, Peridot is really closed by a nature and life. Usually, people use this gemstone as a bracelet or necklace.

But Greek and Roman create a pendant and ring from Peridot. The myth of Peridot is, when you wear it, you will avoid by a nightmare.

Another birthstone for august is sardonyx. It forms of onyx. It called a chalcedony because it is a type of silica mineral. Another birthstone color for August is red.

Sardonyx has red tones. Greeks called this gem as a sardis. Sardis is a capital of ancient Lydia. When you wear a sardonyx gem, you will be surrounding by a victory and courage.

The birthstone color for august brings a mind of people more focus and positive. This color also believes as a successful marriage. If you has a problem in health, you suggest to wear this gem.

Sardonyx has a supernatural power in health such as heal kidney problem, blood vessel, insomnia and many more. So, you can use sardonyx or Peridot depend on what you need to support you life getting better.

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