The Right Birthstone Color For December

birthstone color for december
birthstone color for december

Birthstone color for December is Blue and the best gemstone is Turquoise. Blue is associated with the colors of the sea and sky that gives peace and freedom.

When you choose a birthstone, you have to choose the sky-blue gemstone color. Its prefect for December birthstone color.

December is the end of the year.  You will find Christmas and New Year to celebrate. If you have someone special who were born in December, giving birthstone jewelry is worth to try.  

For this reason, the right birthstone will be a good start. You can search for the birthstone type that matches with December.  

Before you get shock with the reality any potential small debate, you need to understand that there is no fixed rule for the birthstone.

People actually have the month birthstone representation based on the consensus, cultural believe or any other reasoning. For this reason, you may find different birthstones are applied on the same month.  

For December as example, you will find more than one birthstones. They are bloodstone and ruby on the traditional birthstone belief. For the modern birthstone, you will have blue topaz, zircon, turquoise, and tanzanite.

The Blue Gemstones

To get easier search, you can set the decision based on birthstone color for December.  You will find the sky blue color for December.  

The color itself symbolize the life cycle of birth, old age and death. It may scare you a bit about the death and stuff. But such valuation actually is set on the fact that turquoise will change color when aging.  

The good news is turquoise is also regarded as a love charm. It is also common to find it as symbol of good luck and success. The wearer of turquoise believed will benefit from relaxing mind property.

If you do not want something so conflicting such as turquoise, you can take the blue topaz as the next alternative. Once you dig in more about it, you will find the next surprise that topaz actually set as November birthstone.  

The one that is perfectly set for November has yellow to orange color. For the December birthstone, the topaz is set in blue color. The color change happen when the common yellow topaz gets heat treating naturally or engineered by people.  

Zircon is the next option that you have for December birthstone.  For your information, zircon can have radioactive element trace. To deal with it, heating will make it stabilized and back into the normal crystal structure.

The heating procedure will be the other reason for the blue color that matches with December birthstone theme.   If you want something new for December birthstone, you can take the tanzanite.  

The gemstone is set in the blue color. It is added by American Gem Trade Association in 2002. Even though the first tanzanite was discovered in 1967, the gemstone is set with virtues of contentment and understanding.

Handling the Gemstone Carefully

No matter what you choose in the end, the blue color gemstone will give more detail for the ring or any other jewelry. To get the best part of the gemstone, learning about the treatment will be quite helpful.

If you choose zircon as example, this birthstone can suffer from abrasion easily. A slight knock will also chip the facet. For this reason, you will find zircon jewelry in individual paper. It will prevent the gemstone to knock something.

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