Birthstone Color For February -The Right Color Meaning

birthstone color for February
February birthstone color

Birthstone Color For February is purple.  Purple is rare color in nature. Its combined blue and red. It symbolizes Power and ambition to evoke romantic. Purple very closely to feminism.

February is often associated as a month of love, so people often give gifts to their loved ones aside from chocolate.

What kind of gift is it? Some people want to give gemstone jewelry to their loved ones but they need to know this before.

A gemstone is often associated to birthstone with different meaning and color based on the month. Some people do not think something like this exist.

But when it comes to a hope and pray, there is nothing wrong to believe as the birthstone has been place within history and mythology for thousands years. So when it is for February, what kind of birthstone is it?

Amethyst Birthstone

Amethyst is the birthstone for February, a transparent form of silicon dioxide which is often found inside geodes. It consists of quartz, the second most abundant mineral found on earth crust.

This stone is often made into citrine because it is very sensitive to heat. When it was heated about 400 to 500 Celsius degree, its color will change into brown, yellow, or red.

It will form natural structure of new stone called citrine. But it is rare the amethyst turns into finest pure citrine. Sometimes it just changes color but not the structure which makes it stays as amethyst and not citrine.

When it is not heated, it stays at amethyst structure with various shades of purple. So the Best February Birthstone Color is purple.

But the sensitivity to heat makes the amethyst can even change colors when people wear it often, without any aimed heating at all.

Brazil and Uruguay are two countries as the commercial sources of amethyst in this world. Gemstone always has long history but this amethyst can be considered as the longest one.

History wrote this stone had used by pre-historic men 25,000 years ago in France. The stone was used as decorative and the stone was found in Neolithic period.

The usage of this stone did not stop there as it was also used by Cleopatra as a ring, also considered as the stone of Saint Valentine. It is not suddenly a birthstone for February turns into this amethyst.

Meaning of Purple Color in Amethyst

When people buy a precious or semi precious gemstone jewelry, they invest to it. Gemstone is not something cheap so they need to know the meaning behind the gemstone they buy.

It is why before buying purple amethyst people need to know the meaning. The purple in this stone has several meanings. The purple itself is birthstone color for February, a symbol of penitence and mourning.

When Cleopatra wore the amethyst ring, it was engraved with the symbol of divine idea, source of light and life.

When Saint Valentine wore it, it was engraved with his assistant, Cupid, which we know today still the symbol of love. But it is not just love as the color also represents power and royalty.

Early Egyptians even believed that amethyst possessed strong power that was the reason they placed this stone on their tombs and pharaohs.

It is can be used for medication as well such as to dispel sleep, sharpen intellect, and protect from bad dreams and gout.


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