Red Is Birthstone Color For January

birthstone color for january
red garnet

Birthstone color for January is red.  Red meanings are Strength, friendship, protection and success. Red symbolize of fire. When you wear red gemstone, your physical power will  increased.

There are so many gemstones in red. But not all of them are suitable for January. Only a few of red colored stone are can combined with the properties of January birthstone.

Although there are several types of gemstones are not red but proper to those who were born in the month of January. It is very closely related to the zodiac sign.

Various clear colors seem when it comes to gemstones. They are stones associated to birthstone. They are beautiful, so many people love to have them as their accessories such as pendant, ring, necklace and many more.

Besides the aesthetically purposes, gemstone as birthstone appears with the meaning behind.

For thousands years people have believed that certain stone and its color has meaning. It recorded in history as well as in science that the stone composed from various materials and atoms have connection to its influence to people.

People choose to give birthstone to other people or buy one for themselves expect a meaning or pray be true to its wearer.

That is why the birthstone is not simply a stone as the meaning behind is very valuable too.

Red Birthstones And Meanings

When we find the color birthstone for January then we must find the perfect stone that represented to this color. So,what is birthstone for January?

The answer is garnet. Garnet is not red gemstone even though the most popular garnet is red. It associated with the power and importance.

Other colors seem to form Garnet is various shades of red and green, black, and even colorless. Red is the most common one while the rarest one is green.

As the red garnet is a symbol of power and importance, wearing it as accessories will give people confident, courage, and winning.

In the past, warriors brought red garnet as charm to the battle field as they believe it brought victory.

Besides, as the tools were developed, they use red garnet as bullet to attack opponent troop. Garnet is more effective bullet than lead bullets.

Until now, people still believe that red garnet will make them winning something they do in their life. It gives spirit to work hard and be the champion.

Garnet was found in ancient graves in Egypt 3000 B.C, in Sumerian 2300 B.C, and in Sweden 2000-1000 B.C. The stone made into jewelry and the tradition never died as it used from time to time in Greece, Roman, Atlantic, Aztec, and American native tribal.

Even until now, garnet is still very popular as jewelry. If people want to give red garnet to other people as a gift or keep in for themselves, what they can hope for?.

It is a rare to hope winning for a battle, but besides the victory meaning, there are some others meaning why it is important to give red garnet for other people.

Gemstone is often used in medication so does this garnet.  Garnet gemstone meaning  is often used to protect the wearer from bad dreams, wounds, poisons, and depressions.

Red garnet can specifically curing inflammatory diseases, hemorrhages, and fever. So what about love? The garnet is a symbol of enduring affection, a light heart, and loyalty.

Red colored birthstone like Garnet will bring a range of benefits for its users. Therefore, red is the most suitable birthstone color for January.

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