Birthstone Color For May And Meaning

birthstone color for may
birthstone color for may

The birthstone color for May is green . Green is  represents the reborn, renewal of the nature and life, luck, and ageless. That can also mean the happiness, pure love, and many more.

There are various colors that we can find from many gemstones. The color might represent some great things. The beautiful colors also can seen from the gemstones. As all people have known, there are the wide ranges of gemstones in this world and all of them have the different characters and  colors too.

Since there are various types of beauty of the gemstones, people also have the great confusion on choosing the right gemstones.

People who born on May actually has two Zodiac sign,Taurus and Gemini. Taurus gemstone is Sapphire and the color is blue. Meanwhile Gemini gemstone is Agate and the color is dark green. But, Green fixed for May and Blue for September.

 Best Green Birthstone For May And Meaning

When we know the color for May, next is choose the birthstones. There are  many birthstone in Green like Emerald , jade , tourmaline , Peridot and many more.

For people who were born in May often choose  emerald which has the color of green. That is really beautiful too and believed the most suitable gemstone for them who were born in May.

Why Emerald and why the color must green? This is a question that we must find the answer before decide to choose or buy the right birthstone that suitable to our birth month.

However, many people also believe that the green emerald is also suitable worn by all people in May since it has the characters which are really suitable for the character of May. The color of green becomes really great as the birthstone color for May.

Emerald has been set as a gemstone that represents the color green . Based on the myth and legend, emerald becomes the birthstone of May. It becomes one of the most wanted gemstones. That is really rare and because of that, it has a high price and even it can higher than diamond, especially for the perfect quality of emerald.

The beautiful green also makes many people fall in love with this gemstone. Emerald is another great gemstone which is really precious, especially for the collector of gemstones. The green color of emerald is varied. It can be different on the level of tone and saturation since it is the natural stone.

Many people also believe that this birthstone has the different character too on the power of healing. It is believed to prevent epilepsy. They also believe that it can affect on stopping the bleeding and relieving diarrhea and fever.

It is not only believed giving the great impact on ones’ physical condition but also the mental or mood condition. So, it is also believed controlling the mood and make the wearers do not get panic easily.

So, for them that was born on May should wearing the Emerald that represents green color. It is the best birthstone and color for May.

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