Birthstone Color For November

Yellow is birthstone color for November and the best gemstones are yellow Topaz and Citrine.

Yellow is color that has a very close relationship with the month of November.Yellow meaning  is active and energetic.

Yellow also represents the sun, light, happiness. Yellow stimulates mental activity, muscle energy and attracts attention – it is the most visible color to the human eye.

Birthstones Color In November Properties

For you who were born in November, there will be different stuff that relate with your birth month.  If you take the ring and any other jewelry as part of your style, the birthstone will be one of the details that you may consider. You will find topaz as November birthstone.

Topaz itself is set as the birthstone for Scorpio.  There is no need to worry when your birthday actually is set on Libra part. The birthstone still has the valid support as long as you were born in November.There will be no bad luck or even curse for being a Libra who wear the Scorpio birthstone.

Based on the November birthstone poem, you will find some associated property such as loyalty, constancy, faithfulness and friendship. If you are lack one of those properties, it will be a good drive to work on that properties at better rate. You need to do it not for the birthstone. It will be best motivational support for a better person in you.

birthstone color for november

birthstone color for november

November  Gemstones

If you never see topaz for ages, there are a types of topaz in yellow. So, when you choose yellow topaz is the best November birthstone color.  It has symbolic meaning for renewal and hope.

It is interesting to note that topaz is not the only birthstone that you will have around at present. You can also take citrine as the next alternative. In general both gemstones actually have the same yellow color( Yellow gemstone names).

Technically, topaz and citrine is a real different gemstone. Both of the gemstones are set on separate and unrelated mineral species.  The best topaz that is ever known is the Imperial topaz. The gemstone itself belongs to Russian Czars of 1800s.  It has orange body color with pinkish undertones.

Meanwhile for citrine, the Roman was the first one who has the gemstone into cabochons cut. Citrine was quite popular in 18th century. You will find that the golden-yellow color from the gemstone was set perfectly with yellow gold.

Unique Birthstone Application

It will be your decision to choose the birthstone. Both of topaz and citrine will be perfect option when you take the jewelry design at the best point.  A ring or necklace with topaz or citrine will be a nice accessory detail. You can mix them if you want to play a bit mystery on your jewelry taste. It will be fun to watch people try to guess which one is topaz or citrine.

For you who want to have more than yellow color for your jewelry, you can get different color play without adding different gemstone type. You can apply the blue topaz.  The odd blue color actually is part of heat treating. The process can happen naturally or simply engineered by people.

Even though the blue one is similar with the yellow one, people also set it as one of the December birthstone. So, it will be another trivia that you have when you put 2 topaz gemstones with a single citrine.  There is no need to worry about any bad effect from putting together different birthstone at once. The important is the prominent color of yellow put in your jewelry. So, the birthstone color for November still exist.

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