Birthstone Color For October-The Official Stone And Color

birthstone color for october
birthstone color for october

Birthstone color for October is silver and the suitable gemstone is Opal. The silver color fits perfectly with the character of people born in the month of October.

Silver meaning  are imaginative and fun. Like to try new things, like challenging and quickly learned something. One who is easy to talk  and full of good advice.

In friendship, not easy to believe in someone, but when he found the right person in his life he would trust them forever.

The Official Birthstone For October

Opal usually being neglected as precious stones, compared with other precious or semi-precious stones like emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Seemingly, because the scale of hardness not high as the other precious stones.

Or perhaps the color of opal itself is quite different when you see it in the sphere of precious stones, not the clear sort of ruby or emerald.  Although the case, color in opal still symbolizes birthstone for October.

Whereas the milky color of opal (nearly Silver), shows many colors on the surface of this stone.

Though not all of them are milky ones—some are clear, but most of precious opal shows the color of blue, green, yellow, pink, rose, olive, white, grey, red, and black.

All of these colors in one stone. This various color of opal comes from the nature of it that deflect lights—although this also depends on some factors, one of it is the condition where the stone being mined.

Opal is known as the national gemstone of the Australia, where almost all the opal stones are supplied from this country.

Although some are also found in other countries like the USA, Mexico, India, and others.

The high amount of water that derived in opal made this stone sometimes announced as the ‘water stone’, and some kind of opal also need to kept moist all the time. This has become one of the uniqueness of the stone.

October Birthstone Color Myths

The many colors of opal and the unsteadiness of the color character, reflects the meanings of the stone that most people believe.

Though for many decades, a myth made some cultures believed that it is an evil stone, and brings bad luck to wear it.

But through the years, this myth gets proven to be ridiculous. The silver reflection on these opals, actually be the color for October.

The milky appearances of opal show many habits; and not just myths, but also old stories that surrounds the existence of this stone.

Though never been scientifically proved, some legends often said that opal is very good in the term of curing any eyes illness.

Stories said that the wide reputation that the wearer of opal stone will gain bad luck made wife of Napoleon III of France, Empress Eugenie forever refuse to touch this stone.

This only one of the many myths and legends behind the stone of opal. Some like Empress Eugenie strongly believed it, some only laugh at it, like Queen Victoria that gave all her daughters jewelry with opal stones as their marriage gift.

Nowadays, opal sometimes used as the protection against nightmares and bad memories, the blazing opal mainly believed as the trait of imagination.

It also believed reflects inspiration, creativity, self-esteem and true love. The latter is also said as the main principle of those who born in the month of October.

This is the connection that made opal in silver, as the birthstone color for October. This tenth month and the people in it often show the soul gratitude, strong, comfort, and hope, powerful and inner peace.

The same traits that mostly reflects in the stone of Opal. Relations that can be used if you decided to give gifts to someone that born in October; shows how much you wish them to have those qualities in life.

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