Birthstone Color For September- The Right Matching Stone

birthstone colore for September
birthstone color for September

Birthstone color for September is blue and the meaning are honesty, calmness, loyalty, dependable, harmony, giving a sense of spaciousness, and sensitive.

Psychologically this blue color will give a calming effect, reducing stress, and creating a cool sensation, especially for people born on September.

So sometimes we often find room décor  were given a lot of touch of blue to create peace for the own.

Blue has a stable meaning because blue is the color of the sky. Though the skies may be gray when it will rainpeople will still know that above the gray clouds, There remains blue sky. 

The stone color for September has own relation to universe, Blue color of the sky.

 Birthstone Gifts

Finding gift for the loved ones can a tricky attempt, whether for men or women. One easiest way to design the gift is by referring it to the month of recipient born, or the month the precious event occurs when you decided to give the gift.

By this you could use birthstone as a reference. For many centuries, in many cultures, birthstone believed as the stones that bring luck, as well as complete happiness in life.

As the stones that represent each month of birth, different stones brought for every month.

September, the ninth month, this usually warm month in some cultures assumed that made people born in this month being tolerable, highly wise, forgiving, loyal and sympathetic.

The same traits that being claimed represented in the birthstone of this month; and the birthstone color for September is blue and the gemstone is Sapphire.

Color And Stone associated with September

Sapphire, sapphirus in Latin, sappirus in Greek, or some even known as the lapis lazuli, famous for its blueness.

Although technically sapphire can also be found in many other colors—orange, pink, purple, even black, green and other colors except red. This bright blue, as blue as the sky, believed can bring health, wisdom, and sincerity to life.

Sapphire also noted for the level of the hardness. With the scale usually used, the Mohs scale, sapphire claimed the level nine for its hardness—nine out of ten.

Perhaps because of this, in some places in the world, the sapphire often symbolized with the high devotion to the gods.

Though sapphire comes in various colors, deep blue, bright blue, or yellow; but still the most valued sapphire is the blue-colored ones, especially the deep blue ones.

The color itself mostly connected with the personality of people with calmness, sentimentality, and usually conservative.

Blue often regarded as the most tolerable and connected color with other colors. Surely it becomes enlightenment to your gift planning time.

You can certainly use this September birthstone, blue sapphire, as reference to create the gift. The blue color of sapphire you can easily find in clothes, and any other accessories, like shoes, watches, or bags.

Perhaps you can even give jewelry with sapphire stone itself as the gift. Sapphire that comes from India usually regarded as the most valuable. Original, or the synthetic stones, it depends on your funding.

Don’t forget that this birthstone is one of the most precious stones in the world, settled in the same level as the diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

Associating gifts you’ve designed with the birthstone color showing the gift recipient the real attention you have for the recipient, also your best wishes for the joy in her/his life.

As sapphire helps to release all the distress happen in the minds. It also means you believe in the loyalty and the braveness of the wearer.

It doesn’t have to be the stone sapphire itself, even the color of the birthstone can already show your deepest hopes, as deep as the blue sapphire. 

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