Birthstone For April – Diamond – Birthstones Month

It is interesting to know that many people actually unaware that diamond is birthstone for April. The common mistake is actually a proof that you can wear any gemstone without taking the birthstone affiliation as the main consideration. There is no curse or any bad luck for wearing diamond. The only problem that you will have is the expensive price to have the diamond. But still, it is worth to learn more about diamond. The term diamond is set from the Greek word “adamas”.  It means the hardest metal.  The metaphysical properties that are set on diamond are balance, clarity and abundance. As a birthstone month of April, wearing diamond will let the wearer free from brain disease and pituitary glands problem.  In the old time, diamond was also used to draw out toxin.

birthstone for April

Diamond traditionally is birthstone for April that associated as white or colorless. The story about diamond actually can b e traced back in different period. The most modern tale is set on the famous Koh-i-noor. There is no exact note about the diamond early time. But most people believed it was started 5000 years ago. It is closely connected with the legend of Mahabharata. The diamond also becomes the part of victories and defeats in India, Persia and Afghanistan. The long shifting possession is ended when India under British rule. Koh-i-noor finally became the part of British crown jewels.

Diamond Birthstone at Present Time

Although , many people know that Diamond is birthstone for April In modern use, people may not as strict as the old time. You may find people to have more than one birthstone together. Some simply claim that they love the color of the gemstones.  It is also possible for someone to have 12 different birthstones. Using different gemstone that match with the month will be the idea for the complete collection. Of course, it is also possible that people choose diamond as part of the daily wear because of the personal interest. It has nothing to do with when the person was born. But still, it is worth to appreciate those who have the gemstone as part of the spiritual support.

The eternal love labeling that is set on diamond will be a good motivation to keep the relationship remains true.  When you purchase the diamond, you may need to check the diamond origin. Buying any blood diamond will mean that you supporting war and human right abuses in central and western Africa. Choose the original diamond that mean you have the best birthstone for April.


Diamond: More than Just Birthstone For the Wedding Ring

diamond birthstone ring

A ring with diamond mount is quite common for wedding. The diamond has been long defined as eternal love by many people. Since many people have the interest to have it, the price for diamond keeps increasing.  You may find the famous celebrities wear the big diamond ring on their wedding. Before you take the wrong impression, it is important to know that the diamond value is not set on the size.  You need to check the carat, clarity, cut and color. It will be useless to wear a big diamond with dull looks. Getting the one with high clarity may cost you more. For this reason, you can take the three-stone ring style. You will be able to set smaller size diamond without losing the elegance. Wearing Diamond ring jewelry, especially for wedding that means you have choose the right love birthstone for April.


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