2 Best Birthstone For December That Must Be Worn

Three are two best birthstone for December, Turquoise and Zircon. Both Turquoise and Zircon are gemstones that very suitable for people who was born on the month of December.

This December birthstone properties very helpful in many condition if wearing by right person (only for people born on December). This 2 birth stone is very appropriate to the nature of people who were born in this month.

Many people do not bother to think about birthstones but as those stones are made into incredibly beautiful accessories, why people do not learn about the meaning behind?.

Birthstone itself has been placed in history, mythology, beliefs, and proven with science. They are gemstone which consists of some materials as their composition but with strong bond, they become precious beautiful stone.

Throughout the history, people have placed gemstone based on the month that is why it is called birthstone. For December, there are two birthstones those are Turquoise and Zircon.

birthstone for December

birthstone for December


Turquoise Birthstone

The first birthstone for December is turquoise. It is great stone with great meaning it symbolizes. When people wear it, they are believed to be success and under good fortune.

The stone is a symbol or prosperity. It is a stone chemically made from copper aluminum and phosphate. This stone is usually found in a rock which has copper minerals.

In its veins and spots, the crystals are sometimes was built and this resulted in turquoise.Turquoise is not the strongest gemstone, otherwise it is relatively easy broken and scratch.

It is soft gemstone with its porous opaque is easily discolored by oil and pigment.

The colors of turquoise itself is a sky blue because of the presence of copper in it, but once it is exposed to oil and other pigment, this soft gemstone can easily change its color.

That is why the stone is sky blue but the core inside can be other colors because of exposure to surrounding during the formation of turquoise on nature.

But there are non porous stones which is the best of turquoise because it can be polished safely. When the porous appears there are many efforts people can put to polish it too.

The finest turquoise found in Iran but in some other countries like Egypt, Kazakhstan, China, Australia and some more this stone can found as well.

It is just the best quality comes from Iran as the stone is even considered as the national gemstone. So what the meaning of giving people a turquoise accessories? The stone is a symbol of love charm.

So giving turquoise gemstone to people will show the giver’s affection toward the receiver. That is why many couples love buying turquoise as a gift to one another.

When people consider about the history of turquoise made into accessories, the answer is some thousand years as in 5,500 B.C Queen Zer body was found in with beautiful turquoise bracelets in her arms. That was before a half of millennium later when history recorded the founding of Mesopotamia (now Iraq).

Zircon Birthstone

The second birthstone for December is Zircon which appears colorless to pale yellow. Thorium and uranium often appears to replace some zircon on the gemstone structure so it is possible the Zircon stone has yellow color.

But then based on the process for long years on nature, both atoms which exist on Zircon has radiation and alters natural crystal structure. It causes the Zircon stone we know today appears as red, brown, orange, and yellow.

This birthstone is good for traveler as it is associate to protection from injury, illness, disease, and insomnia as well as getting warm welcome during traveling.

Both Turquoise and Zircon is the best birthstone for December. Wearing one of this gemstone will affect your fortune. Do not ever leave this stone, because they will help protect against bad luck.

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