The Real Birthstone For January

birthstone for january

Birthstone for January is garnet. Red garnet stone was selected to be  best birthstone. The ancient tradition symbolizes the month of birth with the gemstone. Each month has their specific gems suitable with the characteristics. 

The use of gemstone as their symbol of the character person fit with the month, zodiac, and day birth. The list of birthstone is changes along with the transform of taste, custom, and the differ translation from their ancient historical.

For people who were born in January, they have garnet for their official birthstone. Garnet comes from Latin language ‘granatum’ which means pomegranate. The stone called it because the stone appearance as same as the fruits look.

It has same red color and the shapes like the seed of the pomegranate fruit.  Although the common color of this stone is red, but there are other vary color for the garnet such as black, shades of red and green, and colorless.

The variety of the garnets color comes from its metal and mineral contents.  The mineral fiber content creates an illusion of 4 or 6 light star within the gems.  The most expensive price for the garnet is the green garnets because it has very scarce. The pure red garnet is highly valued after the emerald green stone and the colorless gems.

The Characteristic of Garnet As Lucky Birthstone

Generally, the garnet stone is found in igneous and metaphoric rock where the land has weathered away. This stone can be found in many places in the world.

The garnet stone is believed as the victory brought for the crusader warriors. Therefore, the stones is believed can protect them from any wounds and injuries.  Difference with the crusader warrior, the Asiatic warrior uses the garnets as bullets for their weapons.

As it is believed to protect from any wounds and injuries, the gems are used in traditional medical uses. The traditional medical treatments use the gems to protect from poison, wound and bad dream, care for depression.

The red garnet stones are believed as fever reliever, hemorrhage, and inflammatory illness. Garnet are healing and protection stone for January. People also believe that Garnet is lucky birthstone for January.

Garnet Use as Jewelry

The garnet as January stone, symbolizes the character of lower heart, loyalty and endure affection. People who live under this gem trusted for their constancy, true friendships, and fidelity.  

The red eye catching color makes the jewelry that uses this gemstone become attractively and glamor look.  This stone is can be used for both men and women in many design of jewelry that use and apply this stone based on its property of healing. 

It can be bracelet, rings, charm, earrings, necklace, and jewelry sets. Available in some color such as purple, red and colorless, the gems makes the user become elegance and more healthy.  Why healthy? Because it has uses is health jewelry.

Consider to the stones medicinal property, there are much jewelry uses the stones as healthy jewelry product. The buyer can choose from many options of the gems shapes such as baguette, barrel, briolette, cushion, heart, marquise and many more. 

With the various color of the metal color options such as three tone, two tone, white and yellow the jewelry shows the characteristics of faithfulness and truth. Garnet stone is the best birthstone for January.

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