Birthstone For July – Ruby Official Stone And Meaning

birthstone for july
birthstone for July

Ruby is birthstone for July. Ruby was awarded as the most powerful and beautiful precious stone in the planet. It a symbol of love. People born on July if wearing ruby will easily attract the opposite sex.

As a best July birthstone, ruby also will protect the wearer against negative energy and help to reduce and eliminate toxin in the blood.

The symbol for the July Birthstone is using the ruby stones. Most of people like the rubies because the beautiful aura from the ruby.

People has to know that the color of the ruby is red. Some people said that there are other colors for the ruby. You have to know that the name ruby is from the ruber, which is the Latin name of the red.

Because of that, the original ruby stones always have the red color. Some people also believe birthstone color for July is red.It is different for the birthstone for the new era.

Nowadays, people don’t connect the birthstones with the zodiacs anymore. They choose the newer things as the main connection. The connection of the new birthstones is the months.

Its easy for them to choose month birthstone than zodiac birthstone. Its because there are two birthstones in a month. For example, people who was born in July has two zodiac birthstones like Emerald for Cancer and  Onyx For Leo.

Ruby Birthstone

Most of people nowadays wear birthstone for their accessories. Ruby gemstone has been used as the symbol for the people who born in July because of the mean from the stone.

Do you know that the ruby represent the symbol of harmony and protection? Believe it or not, people whom born date is July will posses this harmony and protection aura. You will notice that they are always happy and they are protecting by God.

However, the ruby as the symbol of the July birthstone has been used in many jewelry. The reason is because the ruby is very beautiful and suitable for many kinds of the jewelry and the other accessories.

You can use the ruby stones at your necklace for the best look, because usually the neck can get more attention when you have some parties. For the regular occasional, you can use the ruby ring for your birthstone and use it as the symbol or your character.

Ruby is not just regular stone that randomly chosen and considered as the certain stone for certain person. It has been known since the ancient time. People from the ancient time, choose the several kind of stone and consider those stones to be the symbol of the person.

The ancient people were connecting the meaning of the stones as different meaning for each stones. They use the zodiac as the main concern because they didn’t know about the month.

Since the ancient, there were twelve kinds of the zodiacs. Because of that, the number of month birthstone is also twelve, and each stones were connected to the each zodiacs.

You can wear birthstone by month or zodiac sign, but if you choose Ruby, its mean this a official birthstone of July.


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