Modern Birthstone For June – Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

There are three official birthstone for June. They are Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone as modern birthstone. But for traditional birthstone are cat’s eye, turquoise and agate. All of them has special meanings if use by people who born in the month of June.  Now, each one of the stone has the unique beauty  and it better if we know the meaning behind these gems.

Each  month birthstone has the unique traits and all of them are very beautiful. But choosing just one is something wise to show the full beauty of each stone. The jewellry  decorated with the particular gem will look absolutely unique and precious.

When considering choosing one of them, try to consider further about various things such as cost, designs, maintenance on each gem and even the myths, beliefs or legends about the gems.

It is a fun thing to learn the histories as well as myths and legends those come with the each gem. But, if you look for lucky gemstone, Moonstone is the best choice for modern June birthstone.

birthstone for june

June Birthstones


3 Official Modern Birthstones For June


Pearl is the birthstone for June has special beauty and meaning.Unlike the other gems, pearls are organic matters and harvested from mollusks and oysters. The gems are highly valuable and have a long history. There are a lot of myths and legends related to pearls from all around the worlds.

Pearls, aside of being the alternate birthstone for the people who were born in June, pearls are known as the symbol of purity and innocence and because of this, pearls often sewn to brides’ gowns or worn as jewellry by the brides.



The next birthstone for June is Alexandrite. This is a relatively new gem that was found about 150 years ago. This gem named after Prince Alexander who became Czar Alexander and found during the prince’s birthday.

The gem is known as the symbol of both love and jealousy. People who wear this gemstone often experience changes in behavior such as very deep in love suddenly form into hate or anger in a day just because a trivial thing  . This trouble cause by Alexandrite stone properties .

Alexandrite is unique and rare because it has several shades of colors. It will stay green in daylight sometimes turn brownish tint or also bluish cast but the stone will turn into red violet or even violet under the softer lighting. Due to its rarity, Alexandrite is very expensive.



Moonstone is the next and last official June Birthstone. Just like the name, the gem is always associated with the moon. Myths and legends about the stone are naturally flowing.

The moonstone are unique. The gem itself has white spots in them and when being held to the light it will shine like the moon. Moonstones are believed to have a spirit that brings good fortune for  the June people . The moonstone are also believed turn to protection as well as fertility stones.

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