Birthstone For March-Best Selection-Myth and Fact

birthstone for march
birthstone for march

Modern Birthstone for March is Aquamarine and the ancient March birthstone is Bloodstone. But, especially for those born between the 1st to 20th of March, Amethyst is a stone that is right for them.  Aquamarine and Bloodstone can wear by people born between 21st to 31st.

You will find both aquamarine and bloodstone as the popular birthstone for March.There are many secret behind these stone that you should know before decide to choose one as favorite one’s.


Aquamarine was named after two Latin words. Aqua means water and marina is the sea. This gemstone color is set in greenish blue to blue-green. 

People associate this gem as the sailor gem. This belief is set by the Greek between 480-300 BC. The Roman added the value of aquamarine for having medicinal and healing power.

The gem widely believed to be able to cure problem on stomach, liver, jaws and throat. In the middle age, people believed that aquamarine was an effective antidote for poison. It is interesting that glasses for shortsightedness are made of aquamarine in German.


Meanwhile, the bloodstone gets the reputation for being formed during Christ crucifixion.  People also called this gem as heliotrope.

In the old-time, Babylonian uses this gem as seal and amulet. In the middle age, bloodstone were believed to heal nosebleed. The other story also set on how ancient alchemist treated blood disorder, blood poisoning and the wound with bloodstone.

Between The Myth and Fact Of March Birthstone

No matter what the story that you hear about the March birthstone, healing power is the common line that you will hear. For this reason, people who want to get well sometime having aquamarine and bloodstone at once.

The result for wearing the gemstone is debatable. Those who feel to get better may get the placebo effect.  For this reason, it is best to check thing with the expert around.  Knowing how to apply the gem accordingly is another good thing to keep the gemstone value.

For the aquamarine as example, it will be best to have it as a necklace, ring or earring.  If you want the best aquamarine, you can pick the one with darker blue color.

Those who were born outside March actually will have no problem when wear the birthstone. There will be no bad luck and stuff applied.

The only problem that you may have will be those hardliner who will claim that the birthstone only set for limited person. Do not let such claim influence your decision to wear the gemstone in public event. 

If you love the gemstone, you can always wear it despite of the birth incompatibility. Aquamarine may be the first choice birthstone for March and then bloodstone.

Stories on Aquamarine and Bloodstone

If you love jewelries, you will find different kind of gemstones. There is no limit for the color. But these colorful gemstones actually have more than different colors to enjoy.

Through centuries of tradition, each gemstone actually has been classified and believed to hold specific astrological meaning. From the poems “of unknown author” in 1870, the month and its birthstone are set in order start from January with garnet as the birthstone up to December with its turquoise.

The (American) National Association of Jewelers also has the influence on the birthstone category. Their first attempt is set in 1912. The list then updated in 1952.

It is worth to note that Britain’s National Association of Goldsmiths actually set their birthstone standard list in 1937.  For these reason, you may find more than one gemstone that represents a single astrological category.



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