Knowing The Beautiful Emerald Birthstone for May

Birthstone For May
Birthstone For May

The birthstone for May is Emerald. Emerald is a gemstone with a long history. It is notable for its green color that available in varied shades from the deep green to the light green.

Many believe that the color is affected by chromium or vanadium those replacing aluminum in the structure of the mineral. The color of emerald is mesmerizing. However, emerald cannot be in kept for too long around the strong heat because it will change color.

Emerald belongs to the family of beryl just like aquamarine the birthstone of March, morganite and heliodor. Beryl is known to be a chemical jargon filled with aluminum, beryllium, oxygen and silicon.

Emerald and the History

Emeralds is lucky birthstone for May . This gemstone was found used in various historical artifacts. One of the most famous artifacts is the Crown of Andes that said the crown of Atahualpa, the last king of Inca.

The crown said to be made with about 450 emeralds of 1523 carats or 10 ounces collective weight. Tracing the history, emeralds are found worn by the royalty of Babylon as well as Egypt.

The emeralds worn by Queen Cleopatra were believed mined in Southern Egypt near Red Sea.

Continuing with the history of emerald that choose as the best birthstone for May, the best emeralds of the world said to come from and old mine of Muzo.The mine was operated by Muzo Indians but then taken by Spaniards.

Emeralds birthstone have many interesting myths. For people of Middle Age believed that emeralds is the prophecy gems. Green emeralds are the symbol of forces of nature and dedicated to the goddess Venus of ancient Rome.

For early Christians, emeralds are symbol of Christ’s resurrection. The emerald gemstone used to be believed as the stone that will help to prevent epilepsy, curing dysentery, fever and topping bleeding.

Emerald in Modern Time

emerald birthstone ring
emerald birthstone ring

Within the modern time, Emerald birthstone use as wedding ring. The beauty of them still cannot be separated.

As gems, emeralds still catch the attention of many people although that some people may wear the faux emeralds those are made in laboratory.This is something invented by the German chemists right before the start of World War II.

Although so, the finer and better quality of faux emerald were not made until 1946 in United States, the finer faux emeralds started to be produced. Nowadays, there are a lot of amazingly crafted faux emeralds made of glass can be found easily.

The antiquity of emeralds is just one of the interesting parts to be known. Many people who were born in this month or have lovers who were born in May want to get this beautiful gem on rings or other jewelries as a symbol.

As May birthstone, Emeralds are also known to be the symbol of hope. Many people believe that they can store their love to emeralds and it will become the bridge within two hearts of lovers to get even closer to one another.

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