Birthstone For November -The Popular Yellow Citrine And Topaz

birthstone for november
birthstone for November

When it comes to birthstone, there is always philosophy behind. Birthstone is a stone associated with months. Each month has its birthstone and the color suitable.

It is not a trend but has existed for hundreds years already. It has been placed on history, mythology, and science.

The scope is wide, it is not only in western, eastern, or certain location but around the world there are many people who believe the birthstone as a stone which luck. As each month has its birthstone, so what is the right November birthstone ?

Birthstone for November is yellow citrine and topaz. Both gemstones has own characteristic that close to month of November.

Yellow Citrine

yellow citrine meaning
yellow citrine

Citrine is the traditional Birthstone for November. November has Scorpio as its zodiac and Citrine is the alternate of Zodiac stone.

Citrine is a symbol of some values such as cheerfulness, youth, fidelity, and health. That is why this birthstone is suitable as birthday gift for teens celebrating their 13 or 17 birthday.

As the birthstone has yellow or orange color, it will seem very youthful when it is used in pendant, ring, or other accessories.

Citrine is sold widely on the market but usually they have treated with heat before being sold. Citrine itself is a quartz cluster or crystal.

Many sellers and artists make citrine from amethyst or smoky quartz which has been processed in high temperature. It is the method to get more profitable citrine for them, and for buyers, the more affordable one.

The artificial citrine is more into orange sometimes more into red, rather than the one originally from nature which is usually pale yellow.

Sometimes in the market there is stone made from half citrine and half amethyst which is called ametrine. This birthstone is the more affordable one compared to the more expensive one, like topaz.


topaz birtstone for november
topaz Birthstone

As citrine is often made as artificial, many people are mistaken that citrine is only fake topaz. It is because the color of citrine is similar to topaz.

But, people need to notice that citrine is pure gemstone, if they can find the finest citrine, the original found in nature, citrine will be bright yellow.

People will not mistaken finest citrine with topaz which looks darker like brown or orange. Both of citrine and topaz are birthstones for November.

It is just the latter is more expensive but the fact that real citrine is also gemstone is legitimate.

Topaz has gold color or brown which is very beautiful and elegant to be used as accessories. But the effect of topaz is greater than its looks.

Topaz is considered as birthstone which can cool down boiling water, means that it is very good to cool excessive anger.

The meaning of Topaz itself is rooted from Sanskrit word which has “fire” as its meaning. It can control the heat that is why in medication, it is often used to cure fever.

Actually the color of topaz is various because the pure topaz is colorless. But topaz found in nature often has gold or orange color from the chromium.

Sometimes it becomes red, but the variety is wide as there are also blue, pale green, pink, various shades of yellow, and black.

Topaz is naturally made from several minerals but it has very strong bonds which make it as the strongest silica stone.

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