Birthstone for October

Opal Birthstone for October

The general birthstone for October is the opal stone. The opal stone is very beautiful since the color is very vivid and sparkling. Some people say that the color of the opal stone is orange. The others say that the color is unclear because of the sparkling things. It flashes different colors with the beautiful designs.

Opal stones are very unique and have the special powers. The color shows the power of the purity. Because of that, the user will get the unclear color that can change depends on the situation. Some people say that the color means the innocence and pure. There are some people that believe about the healing power from this stone. The others say that the user of the birthstone for October is good with the friendship.

Those are a little explanation about the birthstone for October. You have to know how to use the birthstone and not choose the random stones based on your likes. You have to choose the suitable stone for you. To have the suitable stone, you need to choose the stone based on your born day. For the example if you were born at October, you can choose the October birthstones like Opal. And then you should know Opal stone meaning as your birth stone.

 birthstone for october

Opal birthstone for october


Fact About Birthstone For October

Birthstone has been the popular topic for the present day. A person loves to talk about the birthstone and the advantages of that stone. There are so many different opinions from different people about the birthstone. Some of them say that the birthstone is special stone with special power that will work if the user is matching with the requirements of the stone. Some of them are saying that the stone will work according to the time of the birthstone. If you are curious about the correct explanation, you may want to read this article until finish. This article is going to talk about the explanation of the birthstone, especially the birthstone for October.

Before we talk about the birthstone, we have to know about the history of these stones. Birthstone is special stones with many different kinds. Do you know that the stone is different because of what? The stone is arranged according to special time. The people from the ancient times have known this fact and consider the zodiac as the main requirements of the birthstones. This means that the certain stones will only work for certain people with the same zodiac. Because the number of the zodiac is twelve, there are twelve kinds of birthstones available to be chosen as the special stones of the owner. And for the power, it will be different for each stones. The different stone will give different effects for the users.

The modern birthstones are different with the ancient birthstones. The new stones don’t use the zodiac as the consideration of the power. They are according to the months. However, this is very unique, because the number of the months is also twelve. The same number of the zodiac list. And the effects are also different for each stones. We can say the birthstone for October is different with the other stones.



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