Black Diamond Meaning

black diamond meaning
black diamond engagement ring meaning

Black diamond meaning is believed to be able to increase inner strength, to enhance relationship and to give balance for the wearer. At the same time, it also provides abundance and clarity.

It is one among the most popular gemstones worldwide, it’s has a unique and beautiful look that makes Black diamond perfect for engagement rings and other fashion jewelry. Wearing it can transform one’s look into flawless and advanced one and of course that’s the main reason it’s adored by so many women out there.

Although it may not carry metaphysical properties as strong as other crystals but Black diamond symbolize relationship between men and women. Even since the Medieval times, this gemstone had already become so popular for its use.

Black Diamond Physical Structure

Let’s start by knowing further about its physical structure that has made this stone a fabulous choice. All types and colors of diamonds are made out of pure carbon. This is exactly the reason this gemstone can have such very strong physical structure in which every carbon atom inside the crystal is strongly bonded.

It allows the stone to stand against any scratches and still looking as perfect as it was first shaped. It can also stand against any weathers or external substances that mostly harmful for other usual gemstones but not to this beautiful black diamond gemstone.

The Gemstone meaning of Black Diamond

As Traditional Symbolism

Each gemstone has symbol and so does this diamond. Even since centuries ago, the symbolism of black diamond has already there and believed. The traditional properties that it has allows for close association with passion, action and energy.

Black diamond engagement ring meaning is represent love and faithfulness . That’s why many people choose it as their engagement rings. With its properties, it can help to remove certain deviations in aura and change it with pure love energy.

As Modern Symbolism

The fact is black diamond crystal has more symbols that stated earlier. It makes the stone more powerful and useful. For anyone who is lack of authority and power, this stone is the best one to have and to wear. It fits both men and women. It’s like a symbol of self-richness that describes the power and endurance that one has.

Eventually, it also resonates with other positive energies such as those that activate ingenuity, creativity, inventivity and purity. When one enjoys pure mind and energy, he/she will be able to handle more problems, to avoid wrong perceptions and to do the right approaches. Of course, these positive benefits are really good to improve one’s quality especially at their work.

Black Diamond Metaphysical Properties

As kings of all crystals, black diamond possesses deep metaphysical use and purpose. It is often used as tool to open doors to the spiritual world.

That explains why a lot of healers and cleansers use this stone at their work. It allows for spiritual communication as well which is sometimes needed by those who look for truth.

Black Diamond Physical Healing

Exactly like other stones with metaphysical properties, black diamond also carries certain use and purpose to help physical healing. With its properties, it helps to prevent the cardiovascular disease while stimulating the endocrine system glands.

It assists in healing process of skeletal problems and leukemia. It helps balance body metabolism and enhance sight. Meanwhile, it is also useful to help heal capillary bleeding.

When it comes to addiction, it gives power to resist it which is helpful during the rehabilitation process and during diet program. These are undoubtedly beneficial uses.

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