What Is Black Gemstone Names And Their Meanings ?

There are so many black gemstone names. Its can came from semi and  precious stones. Some of them very popular like black onyx, black tourmaline and obsidian that always use as jewelry. The names of black stones that very valuable and rare is black opal..

The color of black stones is often misunderstood as a bad color, because black is often associated with death, darkness and evil. However, black is actually not a bad color (it is not even actually a ‘color’ but more like the absence of color).

Black gemstones actually has a lot of meanings that show very positive and even protective qualities. With its concealing qualities, black is often associated with mystery, mysticism, intuition and magic.

Black gemstones are often hunted by people who are looking for protective qualities against negative elements, preparation to face the unknown, and increased self-restraint and control to meet higher wisdom.

Here is  and the positive qualities emitted by each stone.

black gemstone names
black gemstone

Popular Names of  Black Gemstones With Meanings

Black Onyx

Onyx is popular black gemstone names list in gemstone chart. Black Onyx is a stone with strong earth element, so it has quality to ground and balance your emotion and temper.

Black onyx is a stone that symbolizes discipline and self-control you have, to hold back unbridled anger, careless acts and temper tantrum. While having great power to do a lot of things is great, unbridled power that used without control can destroy you.

Black onyx helps balancing the power, making you to be more grounded and balanced. It is a one of famous black gemstone names that people searching.

 Kambaba Jasper

 This stone is actually more like a green stone, but kambaba jasper is unique because the green color is mixed with black.

The combination between green and black in this stone symbolizes calmness when facing never-ending changes in life, which is a common occurrence in nature.

Changes are important parts of life but they can be very scary for people, but the black element in kambaba jasper helps people to become more at ease in facing changes.Kambaba is list in black gemstone chart.


 As the unique part of this black gemstone names, hematite is often carried by people who must solve legal disputes.This is because the stone symbolizes search for the right path, which can lead people to come out of troubles.

The properties of hematite also include calmer mind when facing challenges and disputes, more grounded emotion, and inspiration to create life-changing decisions.

The black hematite is often associated with changes, so this stone will help you to find the best decision in the middle of tumultuous or dark situations that leave you clueless, and you will be able to use your intuition to solve the problems even in unexpected ways that you may not think about before.

Black Jade

 This is a very ‘strong’ stone because it symbolizes brave life, protection, acceptance and calm mind. Black jade is a perpetual symbol of infinite wisdom’

Because the black color, the hard yet smooth surface and the humble luster symbolize a very mature and dependable person who has gone through a lot of things in his or her life and thus has acquired deep wisdom as well as acceptance (remember, this is not the same with giving up!).

Black Sapphire

From all black gemstone names list , black sapphire is unique because it symbolizes infinite wisdom that combined with inner strength, intuition and protection. This stone symbolizes the ideal state of person that has been shaped by life experiences.

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