Black Obsidian Meaning

Black obsidian meaning is protective ,cure diseases, healing mental and physic. It’s such a powerful cleanser and purifier of psychic smog that created within one’s aura. This makes the stone a strong psychic protection crystal.

What is obsidian stone anyway? Well, it’s a volcanic stone which is formed when the lava contacts with water, it  forces the lava to cool quickly and leaving no time for crystallization which then results in a shiny and glassy texture stone.

This kind of stone can actually be found anywhere especially areas with volcanic mountains like Mexico, Japan, South America, and certain parts of the USA.

In USA, San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona is known for this stone and that’s why the stone from this place is called “Apache Tears”.

Black Obsidian Metaphysical Meaning

black obsidian benefits
black obsidian stone
  •  Protective Stone

If you are looking for a strong protective stone, consider this black stone obsidian to be purchased.

Behind the black obsidian meaning, there lies a belief about how powerful this stone is that even makes people to be more cautious when using it for crystal healing.

As a healing stone, black obsidian metaphysical meaning works by first bringing all the emotions to the surfaces including the unpleasant and negative ones.

In all cases, these negative energies should be confronted to see the peace in the end of the tunnel.

Although some people think that the benefit of black obsidian is too overwhelming but it’s a part of more peaceful life to welcome.

Not only does it brings out those energies but gradually it also blockages such energy from coming back to your life. And this is how it acts as protective stone.

  •  Heal Disorders

Physically, black obsidian metaphysical meaning is also able to help healing physical disorders that some people have such as eating disorders, addictions and any negative behaviors.

As we all know, these kinds of negativeness are not that easy to be healed or treated. Thus, more help is required. And, that’s how the black crystal comes into the picture.

With strong holistic properties of black obsidian, the negative energy contributing to negative behavior or tendency can be blocked which in turn help to alleviate those behaviors.

At the same time, this gemstone can also help to heal other physical issues such as joint pain, hardening or arteries, circulation problems, cramps and arthritis.

Spiritual Meaning of Black Obsidian

black obsidian meaning
black obsidian rock

Just like other spiritual stones, this black crystal obsidian also has its uses for spiritual healing.

The Apache Tears for instance, is an excellent choice for spiritual grounding vibration and it also has the strong psychic protection energy.

In fact, for so many centuries, it has been used by shamans and crystal gazers to make a contact with spirit world.

In other words, it helps to make contact with your spirit guide, in case if you want or need it. And thanks to the mirror finish, it can also be used as scrying tool. Usually, it works best

in low light and allows you to see the images of the people you love the most who had passed away in spirit.

With this kind of benefit, the spiritual meaning of black obsidian stone is very helpful especially if you do any work that involves contacting with spirit world.

In fact, it can also bring you the power of prophecy that only few people may have.

Once the negativity inside you has been removed, you will have better aura which means for better physical and emotional health.

No angers, fear or stress inside your mind and that makes your life happier, more joyful and peaceful.

Feel the positive energy and welcome a better future. This is one black obsidian benefits.

How To Care For Black Obsidian

Although black Obsidian stone only has hardness level between 5-6 Mohs scale and softer than quartz, This stone is still quite durable if properly cared.

To clean the black Obsidian stone, just use soapy water and a soft cloth. In the last stage of cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove the remnants of the soap residue.

Like most other gemstones, cleaning using ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners are not recommended.

Always loose your gemstone jewelry before exercising, or when engaging in other strenuous physical activities.

Black Obsidian stone can be easily scratched by a hard object, so it should be kept apart from other gemstones. The best way to save it is wrapped with a soft cloth or place it in a fabric-lined jewelry box.


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