Black Onyx Healing Properties – The Popular ‘Must-Have’ Stone

black onyx healing properties
black onyx healing properties

Black onyx healing properties can offer strength to support you. This stone is a ‘must-have’ gemstone to go with when you are under difficult times or when you are having physical stress

Black onyx, just like any other onyx stone types, has unique characteristics and charms. 

The stone has soothing quality that will remove fear and release worries inside your mind, and make you to feel comfortable in your current state.

As a birthstone of Leo, black onyx encourages your energy and physical stamina, promote self-control and encourage wise decision-making.

The name black onyx is of course derived from its appearance with black color. In black gemstone names, black onyx is the first list and very popular.

We know that not all onyx stones are black, and black onyx is a chalcedony that belongs to Quartz family. This hard rock predicted to have hardness of around 6 to 7 Mohs.

Black onyx healing properties are highly associated with magical thingy. It said beneficial to repel black magic and help the lost soul to find the right path.

People will have control over themselves, enhance self-mastery, and help in letting go all the negative energies that disturb your spiritual well-being.

If you look at its physical characteristic, the stone is quite similar with the black tourmaline stone, except for the deep meaning.

The stone has parallel stripes and has more grounding and stable energy frequency compared to the black tourmaline or the black obsidian.

Physicals Healing Properties

Black onyx healing properties urge your energy support, and often used in protection rituals to cut negative influence from your surroundings.

As a stone of protection, black onyx power is very beneficial as a healing stone. Physically, people who wear black onyx is able to overcome kidney and liver diseases, strengthen your teeth and bone structure, as well as to treat skin problems such as rashes, fungal infection, and sunburn.

The stone also stimulates your circulatory system, promoting blood health and treat blood-related disorders. Wearing black onyx as jewelry also brings direct effect on those who suffer from epilepsy.

Black onyx also helps people to treat sleeping disorder, eliminate negative thoughts and feeling so that they can think better and allow them to have serenity.

Mental Healing Properties

Not only bringing huge benefit to heal people physically, black onyx healing properties are also used to treat emotional problems. The stone is said to change negative attitude and behavior of the wearer.

For those who have a problem in communication field, black onyx is very useful because it improve your public speaking ability, promote intelligence, and encourage spiritual inspiration.

It provides strength support for the wearer, and prevents you from draining of personal energy.

When you are surrounding with negative environment, black onyx powers can absorb the negative energy and then transform them into positive one, and make them helpful.

Black onyx healing properties are great solutions for people to improve their decision-making ability, promote intuition, and help them realize their material goals.

Because the onyx powers is good to stabilize your fear and worries, people who wear black onyx will have more stable in spiritual and emotional life.

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