The Best Things about Black Spinel Meaning

black spinel meaning
black spinel stone

Have you ever heard of Black Spinel meaning? Well, once you heard, you may be surprised of how beneficial this crystal can be. To know more about, let’s start by its name. The name “spinel” comes for Latin word of “spina” or “spine” in English. It represents something sharp, or something with needle-like formations.

Although this crystal is often mistaken for other precious gems like Sapphires or Rubies, it’s actually different. It’s considered valid mineral that has its own properties both physical and metaphysical which allows the crystal to deliver certain metaphysical uses and purposes like other crystals. With its strong vibration, it is capable to channel positive yet vital energy for human.

Black Spinel Stone Properties

 Chakra Healing

Each crystal activates and works with certain chakra and so does the black spinel stone. It activates the Root Chakra, which is the center of the Kundalini energy.

Another spinel that also activates the same chakra is red one. Kundalini energy is vital as it strongly influences the rise of other chakras.

Therefore, black spinel is like in vital position to help the activation of all chakras in human body. Once all chakras activated, it’s only a matter of time to enjoy a balanced body, mind and spirit.

 Emotional Healing

Since it activates the Root Chakra, black spinel can deliver soothing sense of calmness for those who face such challenging situations.

This crystal is a lovely tool to help relieve depression and reduce stress while inviting more positive energy and calm energy inside the body, mind and spirit.

It’s perfect for those who have problem in moving on from certain tragedy or sadness due to loss. Mentally, it also offers great benefit.

Through its properties, it helps to improve the intellectual power and to reduce the forgetfulness that often happens due to lack of focus and concentration. This way, people who are already working can gain the benefit all the time.

 Blocks Negativity

As protective stone, black spinel meaning has the ability to remove and block negativity and to ground the user. When negativity is removed, it will be easier for positive energy to come and fill the life.

At the same time, this crystal also works to help remove the resentment and anger, negative energy which lead to destruction. Then, it replaces those energies with positive ones which allow the user to use more effective communication ways to express their true feelings without being trapped in negative energy.

It allows user to be more inspired, more empowered without overwhelming the others. By working with the Mother Earth and gain its energy to be channeled to the users.

Black spinel supports the user to move toward his/her best destinies both in present and in the future. Certainly, it’s a very good thing. In fact, it can also perform as tool to help attract wealth and prosperity including money by removing all the obstacles that one faces.

 Physical Healing

What are physical healings that can be performed by black spinel? There are lots of the healings. For a start, it is able to improve stamina and vitality especially for men with the help of Root Chakra.

For those in diet program, it is beneficial to help reach and keep up healthy weight. Then, it assists the period during cancer healing both physically and emotionally because this process is often draining too many emotions.

It also helps to heal with several issues such as spine, skin, teeth, gums and whole body issues. In fact, it certain cases it’s also believed as stone of immortality which usually refers to high vitality. Although this stone is not prescribed on medical healthcare, but it’s beneficial to use.

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