Black Tourmaline Meaning

A protective stone that can block and repel negative energy like black tourmaline is a precious one. As birthstone for Capricorn sign, there is deep secret behind black tourmaline meaning which has made this gemstone widely known.

Among cultures especially in certain areas of the world, black tourmaline has been used to give protection during the process of ritual work like for scrying or indicating which good direction to move.

Moreover, the effects of  wear black tourmaline  gemstone also able to give more uses like to cleanse and purify the energy around somebody. With these so many helpful features, no wonder you of all people can’t wait to wear it yourself. Well, read on because this article is about to show more secrets of this beautiful electric stone.

black tourmaline meaning

black tourmaline stone

Black Tourmaline Origins

As a start, let’s see the origins of this stone to have further info about black tourmaline stone meaning. Indeed, this kind of  tourmaline stone is found in several areas of the world including Germany, North America and Africa. People from those three areas were the first who took advantage of it.

In Germany for instance, it’s named as “schorl”. It was often used by ancient magicians to get protection against negative curses or spells. That was then why this stone is often associated as psychic stone until now.

When we see the element, it is associated with earth and the chakra is associated with root. While for the deity, it’s associated with Destiny and Death, Manat and Arabian Goddess of the Waning Moon.


The Uses Of Black Tourmaline

  • Perfect Stone Use for Grounding

If you look for stone for grounding purpose, black tourmaline should be your first choice. This stone is capable to protect, balance and harmonize all the Chakras making your life to be more in peace. In the meantime while it harmonizes your life, it also boosts your self-confidence and removes the fear. No longer will you be in pain and stress.

In fact, it can also be used to protect yourself against noise sensitivity, radiation and electromagnetic that comes from computers, cellphones and else. So, if you often such negativity and frequent worrying, start carrying a piece of this stone in your pocket so that you will have physical vitality increased. Or, place it under your pillow during night sleeping to have more relaxed rest. And during spare time, use it for meditation to enhance insights and visions integration.


  • Use to Strengthen Immune System

Aside for grounding, this stone is also believed to be able to strengthen one’s immune system. It works by balancing the right and left hemispheres of one’s brain and detoxifying the body. And when it comes to cure few lungs related illnesses like pleurisy, pneumonia, emphysema and bronchitis, effects black tourmaline is definitely helpful. Carry it along with you throughout the day and you’ll see the effects.


  • Use For Chakra Healing 

Another secret behind black tourmaline meaning  is the use for chakra healing. Why is chakra so important to always be in balanced? That’s because chakra holds control over your spiritual and physical energy.

With this stone, you can enjoy benefit to activate the healing between the center of Earth and Base Chakra which is located at the spine’s base. Several symptoms indicating imbalanced chakra are like low enthusiasm, low levels of physical energy, lethargy, feeling out of balance, feeling disconnected from reality, feeling distant and flighty.

When you notice these symptoms happen to you, it’s sign for you to heal your Chakra with help from black tourmaline. The stone works by helping the body to regain spiritual energy, stamina and strength that will lead to spontaneous leadership and independence.

Last but not least, behind the black tourmaline meaning, this is also secret that reveals the use of this stone to create better aura for the owner. So, by keeping it, you’ll have yourself more in joy.

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