What Blue Aventurine Meaning Do You Think ?

blue aventurine meaning
blue aventurine

Blue aventurine meaning is undoubtedly useful to help remove the bad habits, to support during work and traveling and to heal certain physical issues.

Blue aventurine gemstone is another famous blue crystal with powerful metaphysical properties that always we needs.

This crystal comes from India and has valuable due to its properties. It’s one of the types of quartz with blue color and has crocidlite or rutile. Not only does it have such stunning beauty and appearance but it also has great healing benefits.

Its appearance lets you to have it in various forms from pendants, brooch, rings or necklaces. Or, you can just get the tiny one and put it in your pocket.

Its charm and metaphysical property has also made the crystal beneficial during meditation or healing especially if you are a healer. With it, you can do your job better.

Metaphysical Meaning

If we looking for blue aventurine meaning, we will find many benefits from this gemstone. One of them is metaphysical properties.

This gemstone surrounded with blue energy that related to the Creator. So, let’s us see what this gemstone can do.

  • Activate The Chakras

The Metaphysical power of Blue Aventurine will activate  and cleanse the throat and third eye chakra. This is the reason meditating with it allows us to connect with our inner self and recognize our own psychic abilities.

Each person has psychic ability but the different is the level. To begin this process, we start by placing the crystal under our pillow for several weeks or months if necessary until it passes higher vibration into our subconscious mind.

It’s important before we continue to higher phase like to the phase where we make contact with the spirit world.

  •  Removes Bad Habits

Another blue aventurine metaphysical properties is the ability to removes bad habits. Sometime, the condition is worse and that’s exactly why this crystal comes into realization.

It gives help to overcome bad habits that include substance-abuse, drugs or alcohol addiction, smoking, passive aggression, selfishness, overreacting, and habits in dissolving negative traits. When bad habits can be overcome, one can handle his/her life better and more successfully.

  •  Work and Traveling

Now we move on to know how beneficial this crystal is in a professional world? Fortunately, it is advantageous as it can perform to bring leadership ability and respect from other people.

When a person has it, he/she can approach and complete projects or works more calmly and surely without nervousness.

Meanwhile, having it also brings other positive things such as enhanced ability to communicate more effectively, more encouraged inspiration and vision, more engaged public speaking and more focused performance in musical events and sports. These things are like what most people have dreamed about.

And for traveling, it provides benefit which is to encourage a person to do traveling because most people feel hesitate to start a journey.

With it, any traveling plan we have arranged will come true and we will have more protection as well during the journey. It’s recommended to place the crystal in luggage to encourage safety and prevent loss.

Healing Properties

Blue aventurine meaning is healing illness. This is one of healing properties of Aventurine stone that always look for by Gems collector.

If any gemstone that ability cure illness, the price will more expensive. So, if blue aventurine has healing power what it can do ? Let we see its;

Blue Aventurine benefit to help balance hormones. For women particularly, the condition and level of hormones are fluctuating meaning that they often chance due to multiple reasons.

Imbalance hormone is not a good condition especially if women try to conceive. Therefore, this crystal offers help.

In the meantime, it also supports the hormone by reinforcing arterial walls and venous, strengthening the circulatory and respiratory system and supporting the blood oxygenation.

Other physical issues that can be healed with this crystal are:

  •  Issues in concentration, mental focus and hyperactivity.
  •  Migraines, insomnia, headaches and issues in eyesight.
  •  Colds, sinus problems, congestion, coughs and allergies.
  •  Spasm, muscle twitches, chronic stiffness, pain and facial tics.

This is the Aventurine stone meaning for the blue one that courage many aspect in our life, so take the advantages of this stone. There are also types of Aventurine that much help us like red aventurine.

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