Blue Chalcedony Meaning

Blue chalcedony meaning is stone covered by many metaphysical powers. The soft blue color symbolizes spiritual nature which helps to get rid of the evil power.

When you see a Blue Chalcedony gemstone , you’ll soon notice that this crystal has cool, solid yet mystic and subtle look. It hides deep meaning that is surprising at some points. Through its calming appearance, it can invoke the stillness of a silent reverence.

The name itself is derived from port city in Greek called as Chalcedon. This city was important during ancient civilization as a center for jewelry and carvings.

As a member of Quartz family, blue chalcedony stone has the unique crypto-crystalline structure making it so appropriate to help soothe and restore our balance in body, mind and spirit. It works from our conscious mind and even to our inner childhood memory.

blue chalcedony meaning
blue chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony meaning help Chakra Stimulation

Blue Chalcedony is stone of communication which is responsible to stimulate Throat Chakra. Exactly, it’s becoming the voice of the body.

Just like its name, this chakra is the center of the energy for expressing communication. It’s even like pressure valve that activates other chakras to perform.

Making sure Throat chakra properly activated is important as it can actually affect the other chakras. When it’s in balance, it supports us to express what we feel and we think appropriately and freely.

This way, there will be no more blockages to our communication effort to express our emotions, ideas and beliefs.

It’s also easier for use to bring the personal truth of ours into the world. Eventually, there will also be easy and positive flow of energy within our spirit and body.

One of the greatest leaders during Rome civilization, Cicero, said to have Blue Chalcedony around his neck.

Emotional Healing with Blue Chalcedony

Everyone needs peace in inner self but sometime it’s not that easy to have. Therefore, this Blue Chalcedony comes offering assistance.

With its metaphysical properties, it helps to ease self-doubt, encourage optimism and remove hostility. It is useful in calming and focusing the emotional energy field.

If you are a person who tends to worry too much, this is the right crystal for you as it focuses more in encouraging the present life than imaginary future.

Other emotional issues that can also be healed with the help of this crystal are anxiety, panic, fear and irrational anger. At the same time, as stone of communication, it helps to those in need to speak more slowly.

Blue Chalcedony meaning help Spiritual Communication

Not only is it stone of communication with other people but also with spirits in the spiritual world. Yes, it encourages spiritual communication with language of the Light. It’s particularly beneficial to those born with a gift and want to enhance their ability.

This blue chalcedony crystal can stimulate any kinds of communications with invisible realm including through telepathy.

A healer is also recommended to take benefit of this crystal. Since it works by connecting the mind to subconscious, it is also able to articulate regained wisdom and remembrance of the past lives.

Physical Benefits from Blue Chalcedony

Do you have any idea of health benefits that this light blue gemstone offers? Well, let’s take a deeper look at it. We can start by knowing the fact that it can help treating throat inflammation and chronic hoarseness particularly because it works with Throat Chakra.

It also has other benefits such as to help;

  • reduce edema
  •  to encourage fluids’ flow within the body
  •  to ease sensitivity due to weather or pressure
  • stimulate milk production for mothers
  •  alleviate plant allergies
  •  treat respiratory problems
  •  heal hay fever
  •  soothe autism symptoms
  •  sooth obsessive compulsive disorders and bipolar

Blue chalcedony meaning also help both mentally and emotionally, it helps to protect the mind and body from negative effects causing by depression, bad moods, and obsessive jealousy.

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