Most Popular Blue Gemstones Names

Blue gemstones are very popular among gems lover. Not only the color that make people very interesting to it but many rumor says that the power of blue stone is very best in healing many illness. A lot of people do not know what is names include in the blue gemstone group actually, they only know the color.

Natural Blue gemstones come in a number of various colors, through the dark blue to light. Currently, lots of blue gems are generally made in a laboratory to improved and create out of darkest color of blue possible. You will discover many blue stones names anyway, with each having a unique number of properties and attractiveness.

Actually,  we can find a lot of  blue gemstones, there are genuine and also artificial. There are several types of gemstones are almost the same color and shape ,  however has the different name. As an example is sapphire Australiamany people think that this is the blue sapphire. But actually it is Kyanite. Color and appearance is almost the same but the name is different, do not be fooled .

Blue Gemstones

Bluish Gemstones

There so many blue gemstone names made in a wide variety of jewelry, that look very beautiful so many people want to have it. The most commonly known names of blue stone is sapphire, Tanzanite and Lapis lazuli.

However, there are many other blue stones that have similar colors such as indigo and cobalt. Several types of natural gemstones that are included in this category are;

  • Aquamarine
  • Azurite
  • blue lace Agate
  •  London blue Topaz
  •  Opal
  •  Blue Chalcedony
  •   Blue Zircon

Blue color of the gemstone has its own value. The stronger color is more expensive and the color have faded or light is more cheap.


Popular Blue Gemstone Names

Blue sapphire

Blue star sapphire is precious gemstones was found in some country like Australia, Thailand, USA, Srilanka and Myanmar. Blue sapphire means Truth, Insight and Constancy. For those who use the Sapphire is said to bring joy, peace, and wisdom to their owners. This gems also can help to resolve obstacles and found the answer. Blue sapphire is the Birthstone for September.


This gemstone belongs to a group of blue stones and the color very clear. Apatite was found in country like Myanmar,Srilanka,Brazil,Spain, Canada and Mexico. this is a semi-precious stones is said to help people who stutter speak and can overcome the problem of hypertension. Apatite not associated to birthstone but in zodiac sign is Gemini.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is not the mineral but stone types that contain various kinds composed Including Lasurite, Huaynite, Sodalite, Noselite, calcite, and Pyrite.This stones was found in Afghanistan,Siberia,Russia,Pakistan,Myanmar,Italy ,Chile and Mongolia.

The power of this stone can help strengthen the bond between the hearts and minds so it can meet the wish to quickly. It can help boost immunity to disease such as fever, lung and throat. Therefore some expert  advised to wear a necklace of Lapis lazuli stone. Lapis lazuli is the birthstone for September.


Tanzanite is the latest type of  blue gemstones names . The name come from the origin place where this natural gemstones was first found, that is Tanzania. It a rare gems and wonderful colored gemstones. Until now there is no information about the benefits of such stones. Tanzanite accepted as Birthstone for month of December.


Aquamarine is one of beryl family with light blue color. Mostly aquamarine is colorless.Deep blue color is one of expensive stone in this range. Aquamarine is very strong effect on the couple. Reportedly on the rock’s energy could cut the difference between husband and wife. So that the life of the couple became permanent. Aquamarine is the gemstone for the month of march


Blue Gemstones Meanings

Blue color of the gemstone has a very special meaning, especially in our daily lives. Because the color of blue stone are symbolizes the sky and sea. That means truth, sincerity and inspiration. Many people give to his beloved blue stone as an engagement gift. The legend says that can bring continuity in their marital life.

Various colors, tints, and hues of blue have different meanings.  As an example, dark blue can be viewed as sophisticated, prosperous, innovative, smart, and old-fashioned, royal blue can symbolize brilliance, and light blue can show loyalty and credibility.

The power of  Dark Blue and Indigo generates vibrations that help foster wisdom, develop intuition, strengthen the eyes and ears, strengthening the memory. Meanwhile, Light blue has a power to produces vibration that helps to smooth talk and sing, healthy part of the neck, throat, shoulders and help people become more thoughtful and compassionate.


Blue gemstones Healing Properties

The healing properties of blue gemstones are enhance calmness and  used to relaxed tattered feelings. They are accustomed to deliver comfort to people who have insomnia or who may have bad dreams. They give ideas and boost the quality of conversation.

The shade blue  has beneficial influences around the brain and the entire body. As being the shade of the nature, it creates relaxation and will force the human body to generate toxins which are comforting and emanate inner thoughts of peace.  Blue really helps to slower our metabolic process, is cooling naturally, helping with stability and self-expression. Blue is usually a hunger controller.

The day of blue gemstone is Thursday.The month is September and the zodiac sign is Virgo. 

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