Blue Lace Agate Spiritual Meaning

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate spiritual meaning

Blue lace agate spiritual meaning is associated with encouragement and elevation. It lifts your spirit and energy up, perfect for balancing mood and attitude.

This stone also has magical effects on those who have difficulties to speak up their opinion and thought. For those who need confidence and encouragement to express their selves.

Sharing the truth and mind will be even better without hurting someone else, where angry words are removed and the result is better mutual understanding.

Mentally Healing

During Babylonian era, ancient Greek and Egyptian civilization, blue lace agate stones were often used as healing amulets and for medication.

Although metaphysically this particular stone has lower intensity and vibration, it also has a powerful ability and value as a stabilizer stone that can strengthen your innate energy.

Historically speaking, blue lace agate is very good stone to create a balanced emotional and physical state; it promotes intellectual energy, and equalizes the positive and negative traits.

Blue lace agate spiritual meaning also represents loyalty and caring and excellent support for mothers or parents who have caregiver instinct.

It refuses repression of feeling or depression caused by others’ judgment or rejection. The stone is also capable to create the feeling of acceptance and promote self-expression, by eliminating anxiety and fear inside your thoughts and minds.

Public speaking or communication will be much easier if you hold or wear this stone, as it will assist you to cope with the nerve and fear to speak your ideas.

Better perception and analytical ability are also probably due to the stone’s ability in balancing the fluid supply to the brain, thus enhancing its performance.

You will be able to perceive things in higher meaning, encourage reality check and improve pragmatic way of thinking.

Physical healing

Apart from its influence on one’s communication skill, blue lace agate spiritual meaning also gives great benefit for physical healing.

This stone acts well as an anti-inflammatory substance, which reduces the swollen glands, thyroid disease, treat arthritis, and strengthen the bone structure.

Due to ability to relieve stress and express your thoughts, blue lace agate is also helpful for heart health and for stabilizing your blood pressure. Digestive problems and gastritis diseases will be healed.

Mentally, people who wear blue lace agate stone can improve their concentration and can see things clearly.

Blue lace agate is a stone of peace and harmony, balance and happiness, and it is helpful for those who desire stability and improve well-being quality.

The Source

As a part of the Agate stones family, blue lace agate is unusually rare and special. As a typical blue chalcedony stone, blue lace agate can be widely found mostly in South Africa and Romania.

However, although its prominent color is pale blue, there are also variations of white, brown, or grey colored lines.

If you look at its physical appearance, blue lace agate stone has soft, elegant, and soothing look.

Its blue color suddenly gives the feeling of blue sky or sensation of beautiful blue sea that has positive effect on your mind and soul.

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