Blue Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis lazuli, especially the one with deep blue color, is one of the most revered stones since the ancient era. Blue lapis lazuli meaning is always connected with wisdom, great treasure, inspiration and ideas. The stone was highly prized in Ancient Egypt and Middle East, because the bright blue color that contrasted with dry desert sand was thought to symbolize water, which is also the highest treasure in such dry environment. Therefore, the stone is always regarded with reverence and awe, and connected to deeper things such as spirituality, wisdom and inspiration.

Meanwhile, in the tradition of Native Americans, Ancient Persian and Buddhism, this stone represents stars at night sky or deep blue sea and calm lake, which symbolizes deeply seated wisdom and inspiration. This is why the stone is regarded as having deep spiritual power.

Blue Lapis Lazuli

Blue Lapis Lazuli Meaning for Daily Life

Blue lapis lazuli with deep blue color is great to keep or carry if you work in a field that requires intelligence, inspirations and deeper understanding behind any complicated situations. This is a good charm for writers, journalists, psychologists and scientists. The bright blue color is a great stimulation for creative side in you, which is great if you need constant stimulation to bring out fresh ideas or thoughts. Plus, it is also a good stone to increase the ability to invite truthful conversation, which is helping if you are a psychologist or lawyer.

Besides intellectuality and inspiration, deep blue color is also often connected with wisdom. Blue lapis lazuli meaning is also related to deep wisdom, and ability to use clear logic even in the middle of heated argument or difficult discussion. This is a good stone to bring for business people, negotiators and mediators, and the positive energy of this stone will increase wisdom and inspiration to handle difficult conversations or arguments. In the end, the stone is nothing but helping you in finding the deeper knowledge and truth.

Blue lapis lazuli meaning in therapy is also rich; in physical therapy, the stone is regarded as a helping stone for ailments such as PMS, high blood pressure, vertigo, migraine and ADHD, thanks to the calming effect that affect nervous system (blue is regarded as a very calming color). As for emotional and mental side, blue lapis lazuli is associated with self acceptance and eliminating repressed anger, which are sources of so many psychological problems. In the end, this will help people to make peace with their selves, no longer hold grudges and hate, and can start finding friends and improving relationships.


In the end, blue lapis lazuli meaning is always connected with exploring and finding our inner wisdom and deeper knowledge, not just for physical or worldly things, but also spiritual things. The stone increases your ability to take wiser decisions, gained through deep understanding toward complicated problems. Blue lapis lazuli meaning is everything about gaining peace with yourself through wisdom and deep understanding, turning you into a more perceptive, compassionate, tender and fair person.

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