Blue Obsidian Meaning and Uses

Blue obsidian meaning is enhancing communication skills and blocking negativity. The blue color in obsidian very close to spiritual properties. People who use obsidian stone seem more interested in religious things.This is the effect of blue obsidian properties.

One of the most beautiful crystals is the blue obsidian, some of them look like blue-green and electric blue . Just like other obsidian’s, it’s also a form of volcanic stone which consists of Silica or silicon dioxide.

Since it’s not formed through crystallization, it’s not considered a mineral. Instead, it’s a natural volcanic glass with magnesium and iron impurities. Every blue obsidian has its microscopic bubble patterns that result in its unique color sheen.

Unlike other obsidian’s that are easy to find, this one is very rare although market demand is high. It results in man-made stone dominating the market.

Therefore, if you want to buy the real one, make sure you get it from trusted shop or dealers because the fake ones cannot give you the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

blue obsidian meaning
blue obsidian

Blue Obsidian and Throat Chakra

Each kind of obsidian works with specific chakra. In this case, blue works with Throat Chakra.

When we have it, we will find great source to be brave and more confident to speak in public since it helps them to enhance our communication skills. This way, a person who is eager to be leader should consider owning this stone as help knowing that leaders should be out in public more than any others.

Even more, The blue obsidian meaning through its way will clear the mental clutter, we can slow down our thought process and start doing one thing at a time because in many cases doing multiple things at once only leads to failure.

Tool Against Negativity

Every person is prone to negative energy and it’s even worse for sensitive people because they can be more prone. That’s when blue obsidian comes and gives help.

It’s perfect to work with sensitive people. It’s so sensitive that it works as like wonderful screen to protect the owners from any negative energy that can create imbalance especially to the digestive system.

Through this process, everyone including us can blockage any negative energy that can influence our lives. When such energy is no longer around, we can have more insights into directional knowledge, more creativity, more encouragements and more intuitive knowledge particularly when traveling.

For adventurous journey, this stone is certainly great means because we can prevent ourselves from getting lost or doing irresponsible acts that may put us in trouble. In other words, it helps us to become responsible traveler.

Blue Obsidian and Spiritual Ability

Other kinds of people who will love to work with it are psychic people. Why? Because the blue obsidian stone can also help in tarot reading you can now get for free at westworld.

It helps them to be more in control especially if they need to do important travel. Thus, it will make them feel more at ease.

When psychic people being assisted by blue obsidian, they can explore more of their spiritual ability including develop long-term gift.

Blue Obsidian and Physical Healing

Have you thought about how blue obsidian helps heal physical problems? Well, let’s find out the details. Since it helps to aid mental clarity like stated before, it can help to heal mental disorder like multiple-personality confusion, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Since these kinds of disorders cannot be healed 100% with medicines, using the stone will mean a lot and can create huge differences.

Aside to help heal mental disorder, blue obsidian meaning also work well to improve the glands including prostate and circulatory system.

Other physical benefit of blue obsidian stone is to treat throat, eye, nose and ear disorders that also likely happen to children especially during bad weather. And if you need help for treating stammering, it can also be beneficial. Make sure you follow the instructions of usage to get the best result.

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