Blue Opal : The Meaning Behind The Rarest Stone

blue opal meaning
blue opal meaning

Among all opal stone types, blue opal is considered the rarest type. This is why, many people want to get it. Not only the stone but what is behind the blue opal meaning that makes them very enthusiastic.

What Is Blue Opal Stone ?

As for the physical composition, Blue opal is high in silica content, water content, oxygen, and hydrogen. The high water content also makes blue opal stones very prone to heat and an acidic environment.

Blue opals can range in color from pale blue to deep blue, and they may also exhibit other colors such as green or purple. They are often used in jewelry making and as ornamental stones due to their unique and attractive appearance.

For the appearance, you can see blue opal has vitreous-like luster or almost like shiny pearls. Its brittle structure and smooth and curved surface appear beautifully. When the light hit the stone with its transparent look. Blue opal has a hardness range of 5.5 to 6.

Blue Opal Meaning

Blue opal meaning is highly associated with the throat chakra, as it is believed by certain cultures as the stone of courage and ingenuity.

The balanced 6th chakra allows human to have inspiring life, wise perspective and high imagination, particularly in those who have faith in themselves. This is why blue opal is also associated with self-esteem and self-confidence.

The opal stone meaning is said to improve one’s self-esteem and confidence and improve creativity and communication ability of the wearer.

Blue opal meaning is also associated with soft and relaxing energy that will calm your emotion.

Blue Opal Healing Properties

Blue opal healing properties are associated with positive effects on the wearer in emotional, spiritual, and physical ways. The stone is related to the 6th chakra or the third eye, where imagination, intuition, and insight lie.

People who wear blue opal pendant can improve their creativity, and allow them to have better communication skill.

Blue opal healing properties is also capable of healing muscular swelling, aids sleeping disorder, treat trauma, balancing the body’s metabolism system, and reducing dizziness and brain disorder.

As for the physical benefit, Blue opal is mystically known to help you reduce chronic fatigue and help in losing weight.

Blue Opal Variation

Blue opal comes in many variations. As for the color, blue opal shows a blue to bluish-green color, or some said that it has the color of the Caribbean sea. With the dark inclusion, the color intensity varies between each specimen.

There are 3 variations that are very popular among gems lovers;

Peruvian Blue Opal

Peruvian Blue Opal

The Peruvian blue opal is also known as peacock opal, relatively rare gemstone found only in Andes Mountain in Peru. However, its rarity makes this particular gemstone popular and quite pricey.

With lots of benefits as healing properties both physically and mentally, Peruvian blue opal is highly hunted by gemstone lovers.

The Peruvian blue opal properties is reportedly the most effective of the healing gemstones. It can improve creativity and ideas, the gemstone is related to great fortune.

Peruvian blue opal meaning is believed to help an individual to discover a good friend. Additionally, it is thought to reduce stress and anxiety, weakness, and fat reduction.

Owyhee Blue Opal 

Owyhee Blue Opal 

Owyhee blue opal is found mostly in Oregon near the Owyhee river. Almost Owyhee stones have white mixed. The dark color will change when taken from the ground and become lighter.

Owyhee blue opal stone means help to speak your ideas more freely and with clarity, give you confidence and authority, thus relieving the stress inside your mind and soul.

Mizone Blue Opal

Mizone Blue Opal

Mizone blue opal is a new found stone from Sukabumi, Indonesia. This is a beautiful stone and has high quality.

Mizone blue opal is strongly believed to allow you to communicate with non-humans (astral travel), spirit guides, and have a telepathic exchange.

Physically, it is a gem that repairs metabolism stability difficulties, straightener absorption, faintness, and neural problems. This gemstone fits in the center chakra, the power centralized with the issue and communication.

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